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Today 23rd of October, is my birthday. As my normal practice, I like to celebrate you for celebrating with me on this special and historical day of mine, with this write up that I strongly believe will bless you as you read and meditate.

A story was told of two men in a particular African village who received the prophecies of their future realities or destinies by a popular seer of their time. One was a wealthy prince and the other a poor farmer. The wealthy prince was told that he was going to be the next village king after the death of the reigning king, while the poor peasant was informed that he was going to die as a no body, pauper fellow.

The wealthy prince was so excited that he declared party, celebration from the very day of the prophecy to all the villagers. He became careless with resources, riches of today for the uncertain promises and prophecies of tomorrow. He thought of all the village land that will be under his control, the tax that will be collected, respect that will be accorded him from all his subjects when he becomes king. He told himself that his wealth will be unlimited when he becomes king so he can afford to be wasteful today.

The poor farmer believes so much in dignity of labour. He chose to work harder on his chosen profession which was farming. He wouldn’t want to celebrate defeat and negative prophecy.

Two years later, the poor farmer relocated to another village and continued with his farming profession. He believes that to make progress sometimes, you need to move to a new environment or stop some relationships. He believes the law of sowing and reaping is no respecter of persons. Ten years later, the former poor farmer became a wealthy man feeding many villages far and near with his farm produce. As to the wealthy man, he had become bankrupt due to mismanagement of his current riches for uncertain riches. The current monarch has refused to die but married five beautiful young wives to enjoy his old age. The wealthy man had wish and pray the king to die so that he can take over in fulfillment of the prophecy pronounced on him by the seer.

Many years later, the king eventually died. The same year the king died, a famine broke out in the village. The elders came together in a town hall meeting to get a new king who would lead and provide for them in their trying time as a community. The wealthy prince also came for the meeting but no one noticed him. He did not even think of himself as the next king because he needed help also.

As the meeting was in progress, there was a flash in one of the elder’s mind of the poor farmer who was now a wealthy man in a far village. They sent emissaries to plead with him to come and become their king and provide for the village as well. He voluntarily accepted to serve his people.

A quick question that you need to answer yourself. WERE THE PROPHECIES FOR THE TWO MEN WRONG IN THE FIRST PLACE?

This story is a perfect illustration and reminder of the POWER of choice that we all possess. Prophecies, promises do not work in isolation but with our choices. Good prophecies will come to reality in our lives IF we work for it. Bad, negative prophecies will not come to reality in our lives IF we work against it. You can choose today to make your life much more beautiful tomorrow. God’s grace is only available to complement man’s choice and effort

We all have the potential, the seed of greatness in us to be a winner in life but our choices are the function for winning or losing in life.


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