You Can Dream Again!

Challenge to Change

Rickey Allman was making comfortable living in 1979. He had a job as a truck driver, earning between $25,000 and $30,000 a year, and he owned several rental apartments. Then, the bottom fell out. Rickey injured his knee at work. He needed several expensive operations. The bank foreclosed on the apartments, and Rickey lost everything. When he came to work with XYZ Company, he was $750,000 in debt.

How could a guy who had experienced this kind of disappointment ever dream again? What was left but giving up?

But Rickey Allman did dream again. And he held onto his dream through the toughest times. When Rickey joined the XYZ Company, he had nothing. His first three years in the business, he barely covered expenses. Almost everybody told him to give up. But he hung on to his dream of financial revival for his family. In 1987, Rickey became a member of the XYZ $100,000 club, and he hopes to become a senior vice president soon. He and his family are making great progress toward wiping away all their debt and meeting their goal of financial freedom.

Stop telling yourself what you can’t do. Start thinking about what you really want from life. Let your open mind up to the possibilities like you did when you were young. Retrieve those old dreams and dust them off. Practice dreaming every day. You can feel like you did before if you let your imagination go free.

Believe in yourself. Two-thirds of the battle is in your mind. Henry Ford said, “Whether you think you can or think you can’t, you are right.” This statement is very correct friends.

Rickey Allman believed in himself and he conquered defeat. It is now your turn. Are you going to surrender to the challenges of life? Always remember, that you are bigger than those situations. You are special and extraordinary. You are not average. The God that created you gave you charge, dominion, authority, power to reproduce. You are bigger than any mountain. Give yourself permission to believe in yourself again. Bring your dreams alive. The fact that you are reading this, means you are still live and there is hope for you.

“Knowing how to master the CHALLENGES of life through the right attitude, will turn the spelling of CHALLENGE to CHANGE.” Matthew Abolurin  

Rickey, handled the challenges of his life with the right disposition and things changed for him. To have peace is a function of our attitude and character. Change your attitude TODAY and you will discover Purpose that you will be Passionate about that will lead to Prosperity and give you Peace of mind.

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Expect Transformation  

Dream Again

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