Why Are You On Facebook?


I got this inbox message from a friend on Facebook:

The Lord ministered something to me concerning you. The Lord said that you have a great future even more that you can imagine. But there are some evil forces that hinder your blessing from coming to pass. The Lord wants you to sow a tangible seed into the life of a new born baby that was born with a brain tumor for your blessing to begin manifestation.

This was my reply to the person:

I will sow a tangible seed of prayer for the healing of that child. There is no individual on earth that does not have forces against them. The Bible say; the whole world lives in wickedness. No weapon formed against me shall prosper. I don’t need a prophet to tell me about the greatness in my future. The word of God from Genesis to Revelation says so. In Genesis 49:1, Jacob was able to predict the future of his children by their lifestyle and character. Read the whole chapter. You can predict the future by the way you live your life today. God is not interested in my money but me. Giving my life to God through being Born Again, He has my all. You did not even show interest in my salvation in Christ but my money. Why do people think they can use money to influence God and continue in their sins? God want us to seek Him first Matthew 6:33. The blessings of God cannot be bought with money. My blessings are already in manifestation. The life of God in us, attract the blessings of God to us. It is better to seek God’s intervention in life not man’s intervention. Greater is He that is in me than the forces in the world. God said; “let there be light and there was light.” Whatever God has said and is still saying today, as long as I align with His will, values and abide in Christ, no matter how powerful the forces might be, Jesus the light of the world that came to dispel the power of darkness is greater than the forces. I pray in the mighty name of Jesus, the name that is above all names, if truly there is a new born baby who was born with a brain tumor, I command the healing power of God to manifest to that brain right now, right now, right now be healed in Jesus name, amen

Why am I on Facebook?

I am here to preserve lives. I am here to help destinies. I am here to say the true about life and protect people from being deceived into error. I am here to share the values that I live by. I am here to make friends, disciples of all nations for Christ. I am here to share the mind of God as He reveals to me concerning all the areas of life. I am here to fulfill purpose and part of the purpose is to share the things I do for a living.

Jesus Only Is My Message

If you are reading this, and you got this same message, please don’t mention the name of the person and never unfriend the person. Together lets save a life today from deception in our world. You cannot use money to win the heart of God and still continue in your sins. Like Isaac surrender himself freely to Abraham his father without questioning, so you will freely give your money, talents, skills, time, resources, certificates, achievements in this world when you are saved through personal encounter with Jesus. John 8:36

“Trying to influence God with money while you continue in your sins, is called the gate of hell.” Matthew Abolurin

This year, don’t be a victim of mails like this. Don’t be in bondage to text messages, Facebook messages, WhatsApp chat, BBM chat asking you to resend a message to 7 people, 10 people, 12 people to receive a particular miracle, they are all lies. God is not a magician. Don’t practice magic with God. What you should forward to people this year, is the word of God. Don’t also forward it 3 times, or 7 times. I have not read it in my Bible where God instructed His people to forward a particular verse or passage of the scriptures to themselves 3 or 7 times. THIS IS A BELIEVING YEAR AND WHAT YOU SHOULD BELIEVE IS THE WORD OF GOD. 

The best seed to sow to God is our hearts. “My son give me thine heart and let your eyes observe my ways.” The moment this happens, there will be nothing too hard for you to give to God.

Remember, you cannot use money to influence God and continue in your sins. Also, when you give money to expand God’s kingdom on earth, is not necessarily because you want to receive from Him. You are doing so because is part of your responsibility to give of your substance to disciple nations for God and the blessing of giving will be your portion as you make God’s lifestyle your lifestyle, Luke 1:74-75 and obey the laws of prosperity

Why are you on Facebook? 


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