Whose Life Are You Touching?


Are you a blessing to somebody? Who said thank you to you yesterday because of the good gesture you showed? Do you believe in people? Are you adding value to people? If I met you today, what positive impact and influence would you have on me? Of what good is your money, position, privileges, opportunities, inheritance, if you are not touching lives?

True greatness and relevance is in the lives we touch. Sow love, joy, happiness, hope, goodness, comfort, give people opportunity to exhibit their gifts and knowledge. Encourage, engage, and enrich the lives of others. It is dangerous to give people money, opportunity and privileges just because you want to keep them in perpetual slavery. Rather teach people how to fish for themselves without having to depend on you for fish. This is the way of freedom. When you touch the lives of others for them to be free, you will forever be remembered from generation to generation.

Jesus touched lives we remember him today, Martin Luther Jnr. touched lives we remember him today. Jim Rohn touched lives, we remember him today. John Wesley, Winston Churchill, Spurgeon, great philosophers, the list is endless, they all touched lives.

There are people in our contemporary world that are touching live. Don’t be left out. Brighten the corner where you are. You don’t have to be known, but be sure to touch lives positively for the rest of your life. Empty your life into the lives of others. We lose sense of purpose when we focus on ourselves.

“Empower the people around you to win, and they will make you a winner.” – Michelle Weir

Touch lives in public offices, private sectors, hospitals, churches, within your community, club, organisation, orphanage homes, lift up somebody today. Be a light and salt to somebody. Be a blessing.

Enjoy your day!  

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