Who doesn’t want to travel abroad and see the World?

Come to USA, UK or Europe With Avenues to Wealth

Many of our friends usually ask what Avenues to Wealth is about, and what they get when they pay. Well, they get an opportunity to change their lives, and achieve their dreams! 

While you may not be able to make all these events, you can at least make one and share the opportunity with friends. This is real, and it works. Some of our members were in Thailand last month, leveraging on one of our complimentary trips. Avenues to Wealth is real, and the opportunities are awesome.

Here are a few trips being planned, if you are interested in any, hurry and indicate interest so you can make the delegate list. Please think about it carefully and decide if you want to go, or not, and if you have a budget for it.

There are a few tours around the corner, and for some of them, there is an urgent need to have the list of interested people. List of Interested people for these needs to come in on or before the 7th of June, 2011

USA Tour.
This is 2 weeks of excitement as we crisscross the US together by road by air, having a wow time as well as using our complimentary Las Vegas deal.

We are trying to get a group booking for VISA application with the consular. To do this, we need to submit the names of delegates.

The USA Tour includes 2 weeks accommodation, amazing tours, VISA fees and return tickets.

Approximate Fee Per Adult: $5,000 + or -.
Date Range: Sept, Oct, November, 2011

If you are interested, please fill the form below and write US tour and send to transformationplan@gmail.com

UK Business tour.
This is 2 inspiring weeks in the UK. Covers commonwealth business forum conference fees, VISA processing, Return tickets and depending on your price different options of accommodation (no accommodation to 2 sharing).

Approximate Fee Per Adult: $3,500 – $5,500
Date: June 23 – July 3

If you are interested fill details below, title as UK Biz Tour and send to transformationplan@gmail.com


Europe Tour
This is an opportunity to visit 5 European Cities in 7 days and relax in Paris for 3 extra optional days. This package covers, Paris, Luxemborg, Netherlands, Belgium, and Germany.

It involves site seeing, fun activity, accommodation, breakfast, VISA processing and return tickets via KLM. There is an option of an extra non include 3 days in Paris and loads of optional fun rides and adventures.

Approximate Fees: $3,200 + or -.
Date: August

If you are interested fill details below, title as Europe Tour and send to transformationplan@gmail.com

Last name:
Passport number:
Issue date:
Exp Date:
Job info:

Avenues to Wealth access to a better lifestyle.

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