What A Sad Story:

Ten years before the Titanic left the shores of the United Kingdom, a smaller unknown ship left that same land en route to the new land of unlimited opportunities – The United States of America. Inside it was Mr. Edward.

Mr. Edward was a struggling poor man that considered himself a victim of the British Establishment. He hardly got by and had done all manner of menial work that fetched him little money. His misery was accentuated by the astronomical increase in taxes being levied by the British Government at the turn of the twentieth century. He was as psychologically, emotionally and physically defeated as he was financially. It was at the height of this predicament that he made up his mind to leave England for America.

He was the happiest man on earth the day he accumulated the last penny that completed the cost of buying his ticket to the New World! He bought himself a dozen loaves of bread and a few bottles of water. Once inside, he locked himself up in his cabin, determined not to bother anybody so that he will not incur any additional cost since he didn’t have any penny left. He used the conveniences of the ship at queer hours, when nobody will see him.

For the 53 days the journey lasted, Mr. Edward minded his business by himself, living solely on bread and water. He was emaciated and dying when the ship berthed in New York. The ship officials were crying when they heard Mr. Edward’s story. Unbeknown to the poor Mr. Edward, his ticket entitled him to three well-prepared meals every day throughout the journey!
How many Christians know their rights in Christ? How many are like Mr. Edward?

Hosea 4:6 – My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge:

Are you an heir in His kingdom and you don’t know your Rights/Benefits in the Kingdom?

If you don’t want to be like Mr. Edward, then you need the following ESSENTIALS in your Christian Walk:
1. Faith in Christ. Matt 21:21
2. Knowledge in Christ. Isaiah 5:13, Hosea 4:6
3. Righteousness in Christ. Isaiah 54:17
4. Power in the Spirit. Acts 1:8, Lk 10:19
5. Courage in persecution Dan 3:15-17, 20-26
6. Faithfulness in prayer. Daniel chapter 6. Daniel was faithful in prayer because that is the source of grace.
7. Understanding in Christ. Eph 1:17-23

Would you like to be part of the Heirs of His Kingdom? Are you an Heir of His Kingdom but struggling to get by? Do you lack the interpretation of what rightfully belong to you in Christ?

There will be a Gathering of Heirs of His Kingdom this week from March 29th-April 1st

Would you be willing to sacrifice Three Days to grow and exercise your FAITH with others, to claim and possess all that rightly belong to you in Christ?

I am willing to sponsor you in Lagos and Abuja to this Gathering of Sons of God.

Kindly ask for more information or send me a private message for the sponsorship to Lagos or Abuja venues of this Great Gathering.

Remember, March 30th-April 2nd, 2018 is a public holiday.

We cannot become what we want by remaining what we are.

Shift Your Life

Lift Your Life

Gift Your Life by attending this life-time Gathering of Great Minds

Have a great Easter Holiday.

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