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So a multinational wellness and lifestyle company came to Nigeria couple of years back.

They offered 2 options for those who would like to work with them in promoting their lifestyle product(s).

Options 1 : work as a full staff and must meet a target of selling 100units of product X every month for a salary of N150,000/month.

Options 2: work as a freelance marketer, do the business in anyway that suits you, no guaranteed salary as your income will be a function of how well you perform on commission basis ( which also means the more product you push, the more money you make and vice-versa) .

Mr A chose option 1 , while Mr B chose option 2.

After year one: Mr A made a total of 1.8 million annual income.
Mr B made about 800k annual income.

After year 2: Mr A made same 1.8million annual income, while Mr B made 1.5million annual income.

After year 3: Mr A made 1.8million annual income, while Mr B made 2.1 million.

After year 4: Mr A made 1.8million annual income, while Mr B made 6million annual income.

Every year after that Mr A keeps making same figures yearly and Mr B keeps increasing his income and also because he built a system and team that made the work easier as it goes on, with little effort from him personally.

If the same opportunity is presented to you today, with all the support needed to succeed, provided you are willing to learn and be coached on how to go about it. Would you choose option 1 or 2?

If you are going with option 1, good luck to you.

If option 2 is you choice, myself and Mr B would like to help you through it and put you through step by step, provided you are coachable, teachable, motivated, ambitious, disciplined and not a quitter.

Send me the password, “option 2” your name, location and email id via WhatsApp : +2348072690025 or inbox me here.

Expect Transformation!


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