This House Shall Rise Again

Oh God of creation,

Direct our noble cause

Guide our leaders’ right

Help our youths the truth to know

In love and honesty to grow

And living in just and true

Great lofty heights attain

To build a nation where peace

And justice shall reign

From the Bible, in 2kings 2: 19-22, the situation then in the city of Jericho was very similar to the one we are facing in Nigeria today. The people of Jericho acknowledged that God had blessed them with a good and prosperous land but the polluted waters of river of Jericho was depriving them of the benefits and blessings of living the abundant life God had planned for them.

The whole world knows that Nigeria is a blessed nation. My dear country is wonderfully made and endowed with natural, mineral and human resources. The weather is among the most conductive in the world. I was told by a friend, that a particular white man in his office does not use the air condition in the half noon. He opens his window for the reflection of the sun into his office. Our land is so fertile that almost any crop planted will germinate and produce. But like Jericho, Nigeria is plagued with lack in the midst of plenty, scarcity in the midst of abundance, and adversity in the midst of prosperity because of greed, mismanagement of resources, lack of focus, unrighteousness in the lives of Nigerians, selection of leaders, corruption, governance of the families and friends of leaders in authority instead of governance of the entire people of Nigeria.


We must seek knowledge.

We must know our SWOT as a nation and address it.

We must take collective responsibility for the past mistakes in our nation and seek mercy from God

We must not continue to recycle the past, if there is going to be a positive change in our nation.

We must put Nigeria first beyond self.

We must vote for the best, the brightest, fitted and credible people as counsellors, chairmen, representatives at state and federal levels, governors and president in the coming election.

We must stop money politics in our country.

We must identify our own Elijah’s and Elisha’s that will bring in new bowl and salt and heal our land.

We must educate, engage and empower our people for the coming election.

We must sincerely seek to restore our value system.

I have a dream that this Nation shall rise again. A dream of where all Nigerians will say God is our Sufficiency. A Nigeria with Agents of Change in authority bringing TRANSFORMATION to her people. A Nigeria free of corrupt and greedy leaders

In Isaiah 60:1-2, the Bible says: “Arise, shine (Nigeria) for your light is come and the glory of the LORD is risen upon you.

Freedom is just a thought away. Let’s make it happen. A great Nigeria is possible!

Nigeria is for God
Nigeria is for God
Nigerians are saying,
Nigeria is for God

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  1. Folake Albert February 16, 2011

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