“The illiterates of the 21st century will not be those who cannot read and write, but those who cannot learn, unlearn, and relearn.” Alvin Toffler

In my training, teaching and presentation classes where I have to talk on finance, business, entrepreneurship, personal development etc. for the first time, I normally ask the class to carry out a mental exercise. This is the question. I ask my audience to write 9 and change it to 6 without altering 9 in any form. For almost 15years now that I have being teaching on these subjects, nobody got the answer in my first attempt. Most times, few people that normally get the right answer are those who have been in my training class before. These days I ask those who have been in my class before to stay away from answering the question. To be successful in the New Economy, in the Business of the 21st Century, you MUST be ready to learn new things, unlearn the only way you think is the way to write 9 over the years and relearn basic principles of life that will bring success, prosperity and fulfillment your way. There is a better way to write and change it to 6 without altering it. There is a better way to make money. There is a better way to do business. There is a better way to plan for your financial future and pension without depending on government or corporate organization. THE BETTER WAY IS TO OWN YOUR OWN BUSINESS OR ENTERPRISE. You can start the better way Now!  In the new economy you build your own enterprise, organization and you pay yourself based on performance. No government or private establishment can pay you your worth but you.

How to change 9 to 6 without altering it?

Change your belief about network marketing

Network marketing is not a Pyramid or Ponzi Scheme as you think

Working for government, exchanging your time for money with a corporate body, engaging in traditional business is not the only way to make money legitimately

Going to school, studying hard, coming out with a good grade, getting a job, climbing the latter of your employment is not the only way to secure your life, future, your children, and your standard of living.

Now is the time to cleanse yourself of all the paradigm of old that has not help you to seize opportunities over the years. It is not too late. Your past beliefs cannot hold you back without your permission. You can learn how to write 9 and change it to 6 without altering it. There are skills you must learn to create confidence. Confidence creates activity, activity creates result and results create lifestyle. Your lifestyle can change if you submit yourself to a better way inherent in the network marketing profession- The New Economy

Dream Achievers through The New Economy

Len Clements started in Network Marketing Industry in 1979. Len Clements said; “When I got a call from somebody in my downline and they tell me they just recruited a distributor, I absolutely get more excited by that than when I recruit a distributor myself.” Len Clement That is the beauty of network marketing. The ability to duplicate your effort in others. Before Clement got into network marketing, he threw newspapers out of his car at three o’clock in the morning, seven days a week. He said: my official title was “Adult Motor Carrier.” I guess that sounds better than “Adult Paperboy”!   Clement has also held jobs as a computer instructor and professional umpire. He got into network marketing through placement of advert by a network marketing company in newsletter he used to write and publish. Some of his friends joined he to start with the company. Clement always believed he could achieve success in network marketing business although he also had his doubts. He believes in the superiority of the products of his company. The product according to him, generated the income for him. You need to have genuine pride in your products to enjoy the long term benefits of the product and compensation plan. The thing that ready got Clement excited about network marketing was the time freedom. Her counsel Perception and reality is not the same. Your perception about network marketing could be wrong and will always be wrong if you are not in the business. Teachers are wonderful networkers because network marketing is to have people duplicate what you do and teachers already know how to teach. Get teachers into your business. Tell your prospects the truth about your company. Tell your prospects, team members what to expect from network marketing from the beginning. Being focus on one company is the number one key to success in Network marketing. Follow your dream and do whatever it takes legitimately, and your success is sure to come!

Cardinal truth about Network Marketing:

-Are YOU willing to learn how to write 9 and change it to 6 without altering it?

-Are YOU willing to unlearn the only way you think is best to write 9 and change it to 6 without altering it?

-Are YOU willing to relearn skills that will give you confidence to create activity for result and give yourself and your loved ones the deserved lifestyle?

-Are YOU willing to relearn the Network Marketing way that you have ridiculed in the past?

What is your decision TODAY?

If you say yes to a lifestyle of time and financial freedom.

If you say yes that you are ready to learn, unlearn and relearn

If you say yes to Network Marketing.

If you say yes to have your own home based business

If you say yes to a better way for better lifestyle

If you say yes you are ready to pay yourself what you worth

If you say yes to opportunity to travel and see the beaches of the world.

Then you have to join the Network Marketing profession here: If decide to be better and embrace your bright future, I am willing to embrace it with you through coaching, mentoring. Decide to become a Network Marketing Professional because it is a stone-cold fact that we have a better way.

My many years of research and from my favorite book the Bible, shows that man needs are focused on three major areas: Prosper and Be in Health as your Soul Prospers.




I have decided to be a lifestyle changer to you on these three major areas of human need. I want you to be happy, healthy and terrific every day of your life. It is possible!

Remember, there is a better way to write 9 and change it to 6 without altering it. In The New Economy, life can be better if you are willing and committed to your success.

If you know how to change 9 to 6 without altering it and you have not being to my class before, please answer it as a comment for others to learn

I am available to answer your questions. I can be reached on +2348072690025, 8028273582

I will persist till I succeed!

Have a purposeful, passionate, peaceful and prosperous day and week.

To your Fulfillment, Financial Prosperity and Healthy Lifestyle

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