“Make measurable progress in reasonable time.” Jim Rohn

The New Economy has the capacity to help you make determinate progress within the speed of time. Many people have wasted their time which equal life because of the ignorance, fear of the unknown, laziness, indecision and self-limiting beliefs and paradigm. Stop living in the past and start living in the reality of today. Your financial status should make significant progress with the passage of time. If nothing has changed for you spiritually, physically, financially, emotionally for the past five years, what are you willing to do today to change your story without the next 6 months, one year to three years? The networking marketing profession can change everything about you if you are ready and willing to make measurable progress in reasonable time.


Are you secure in your retirement?

Is your business empire now automated?

Are you making enough money and accumulating some? You cannot invest because you cannot save. You cannot save because you cannot invest.

What will be an ideal retirement income for you?

To have $5,000 coming in every month as residual income at retirement, it would take $1,200,000 in the bank at 5% interest annually. It takes $2,400,000 in the bank at 5% interest annually to have a residual income of $10,000.

How many people do you know who could accumulate $1,200,000 to $2,400,000 by the time they retire? How many people do you know that have broken even in their traditional business let alone to make profit in the business? The percentage is very small.

The business of the 21st century here:  is the easiest way to make and accumulate such money. It is a profession that you have to learn the skills for success. I strongly believe anyone can learn the skill that anyone can learn.

Some of the skills you have to learn to do well in Network Marketing are: ability to make new friends daily, prospecting, presenting your product and opportunity to people, invitation skill that is; the ability to invite people to come and see a presentation, follow-up to mention a few. If people are learning these skill today, so can you.


Dream Achievers through The New Economy

Dale Calvert started in Network Marketing Industry in 1980. Dale Calvert said; “Formal education will make you a living, but self-education will make you a fortune.” Dale listened to a tape that discussed the various ways you can make money, including how you could duplicate your efforts through people. He was sold out 100 percent on that concept. A friend later too him to a network marketing presentation. He signed up with that company because of the product and compensation plan. He had a vision board when he started in the business and he achieved much more in nine years of signing up in Network Marketing. The biggest mistake most people make is spending too much time with naysayers and not enough time with the people who want to move on. Dale said; the most fulfilling part of network marketing for him is watching people achieve their dreams. I love knowing that I played a small part in their success. Since I am helping people, I feel like I am on a mission. So I put in the time.  His counsel I believe people will fail in network marketing if they don’t get in touch with their “Why”- their reason for working the business. The fist I do when people enter the business is give them a “20-Reasons” form. I am on a mission to help a massive number of people experience the thrill of success. Master your reason for working the business, have a solid foundation for your beliefs, master how to retail to recruit. These will make you a superstar in your company.

Cardinal truth about Network Marketing:

-Are YOU willing to understand the network marketing opportunity that majority of the people chose not to understand?

-Are YOU willing to do what it takes to make and accumulate legitimate residual income through network marketing?

-Are YOU willing to learn all the skills for success and become a superstar in the network marketing profession?

What is your decision TODAY?

If you say yes to easiest way to prosperity

If you say yes to helping massive people achieve and live in the thrill of success

If you say yes to Financial Freedom

If you say yes to Extraordinary Lifestyle and not Ordinary Lifestyle

If you say yes to your purpose for coming to this world

Then you have to join the Network Marketing profession here: My goal is to help you enjoy the thrill of success. If you believe and understand you need to prepare for your future financially, then I am ready to help you. Decide to become a Network Marketing Professional because it is a stone-cold fact that we have a better way.

My many years of research and from my favorite book the Bible, shows that man needs are focused on three major areas: Prosper and Be in Health as your Soul Prospers.




I have decided to be a blessing to you on these three major areas of human need. I want you to experience the thrill of success in all these areas.

Remember, time is life. You can either get better or worse by how you use your time. In The New Economy, life can be better.

I am available to answer your questions. I can be reached on +2348072690025, 8028273582

I will persist till I succeed!

Have a purposeful, passionate, peaceful and prosperous day and week.

To your Fulfillment, Financial Prosperity and Healthy Lifestyle

#Matthew Abolurin




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