The Management Of Expenses Is The Beginning Of Poverty

Income or Expenses

“The management of expenses without a corresponding income growth, is the beginning of poverty.” Matthew Abolurin

The worry about growth in expenses, is not the concern of the rich but the poor. There is wisdom in not trying to manage expenses but growing income in life. The management of expenses, leads to borrowing and forfeiture of asset yielding investment or property. The school fees must increase. House rent must increase. Public transportation must increase. Gas must increase. Food stuff will increase. The prices of the exotic cars you dream to drive will surely increase. Rentals for the wedding ceremony of your son or daughter will increase. Professional exams courses will increase. In summary, the cost of living will continue to increase if you like it or not.

What is the wisest thing to do? Increase your income and always look out for legitimate opportunities to increase your income. There are countless opportunities around you that you cannot see, that you do not appreciate because you have resolved to manage expenses and also closed your mind to them. A closed mind, spirit, soul is a closed destiny not a closed mouth. There are deaf and dumb people around the world that are millionaires not by begging but through believe in themselves and seeking out opportunities above their disability.

Am I encouraging you to become a spender without budget? No! For instance, if you are a father of three children and they are currently in the university, would you withdraw one or two of them from college because you want to manage or reduce expenses in the family due to the fact that, the salaries of you and your wife have not increase since they got to college? No reasonable parent will do that. But many homes are indebted today because of trying to manage expenses.

Income and expenses

There are families and people around the world that enjoy vacation every year no matter the cost. Are the cost of vacation dropping? No! Why were they able to enjoy vacation every single year? Because they focus on increasing their income to be able to cater for the expenses of the family. Management of expenses leads to poverty but focus on increasing income in the New Year and for the rest of our lives, through legitimate productive activities, leverage, seizing opportunity that comes disguised in form of service, distribution, marketing, network marketing, consultancy leads to riches and wealth.

It is time to increase income. It is time to add business opportunity to your salary. It is time to spend only what you have as a budget. It is time to stop depleting the future of your finances because you lack other legitimate source of income.

Nigeria as a country, have depended on oil money for too long without deliberate effort to grow other natural resources and human capacity. The research institutes in Nigeria are not well equipped and their findings are not developed to finished products or services for Nigerians. The current government is really trying to work on agriculture and solid minerals. It is good but some Nigerians living today may never enjoy the benefits of the efforts of the current government. Nigeria is over 100 years old, and yet she is struggling to survive. Individually, we can all change from being a Nigerian and become proactive persons, taking responsibilities for our lives. It is not too late. It will be too late if you do nothing after reading this note about creating multiple streams of income for yourself and your loved ones.

A friend told me on Sunday of a text message that his pastor read to them in church during his ministration. The test read thus: “God will favour you where you did not labour.” The pastor replied the test with this message: “God will favour my labour.”  There is dignity in labour. I believe in prayers, wishes, reading out affirmation and confession to myself every day, promises in the Bible. Those things will not work if you don’t go to work and create extra income for yourself. There must be a commitment to the things you have written down as a goal if you have one, to achieve them.

The message is clear. It is not good to manage in life because you want to manage expenses. The best thing we all need to do, is to increase income. Expenses will not stop growing. It is time to start building income to a level that the income becomes residual income in life above our living expenses. The moment this happen, it is called financial freedom. The journey of a one thousand miles, starts with a step and daily taking the steps necessary to increase income and not to manage the expenses you did not budget for.

I have written this note from personal experience. Observation is the best teacher not experience.

I can show and teach you how you can create leverage to increase income in the New Year and for the rest of your life. If you are Ready! Hungry! And Motivated, inbox me now or send a text, a whatsapp message to: +2348072690025, 8028273582 and simply say; I AM HUNGRY!

End Poverty

I believe anything is possible!


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