The Five Ways To Generate Passive Income— (4) Intellectual Property



No two human beings are the same. We are created by God with unique, peculiar talents, gifts, endowments. So life is not about discovering or finding yourself, life is about creating, making your uniqueness known to your world for a fee. Your gifting cannot be fake. It is divine. So practice your talents daily to become exceptional that your world will buy into. Your uniqueness is for a purpose. Your purpose should be your passion and if you don’t know your purpose, then your passion becomes your purpose in life.

Achievement is accomplished by ordinary people with extra-ordinary insight and inspiration, having been in touch with God and nature privately via: prayer, thinking, studying, meditation, taking responsibility for their lives etc.

True dream and potential must focus on meeting people’s needs, improving lives and alleviating human suffering. Genuinely using our gifts to solve problems, creates more opportunities for our gifts to solve problems and in the process make money. Our prosperity is in the problems God created us to solve. Fulfillment is in developing our gifting. Your prosperity is not in a job but your job is meant to develop your gifting. I know some medical doctors, lecturers, lawyers, clergy men and women who act in Christian movies today not necessarily for money but they feel not fulfilled not acting.

Consequently, if you are gifted to:

-Sing, plan to start writing your songs

-Create a movie by writing and joining a drama group

-Write, start by documenting your daily experiences and observations in a journal and later make books out of it.

-Be innovative in the things you handle and create things out of nothing for a fee.

-Be people centered. Genuinely caring for people gives you insight to their challenges that could help you create a solution for a fee. This solution can be credited to you throughout life. You remember Thomas Edison and the likes.

The challenge with many gifted and talented people in our world is the fact that, they want to monetize their gifting from day one. They are not ready to volunteer and render free services of their gifting in their place of work or business, in their religious circles and fair of influence. Some are very good in mathematics today because they offered free tutorials in school. Some are good at their craft today because they render free service on it. Everything is not about money, it is about adding value to humanity. Sincere people know how to reward people that are selfless.

How do you generate passive income from your intellectual property?

Income from your creation is called royalty. Royalty is associated to the royal family. People of a particular community, town, city, state continue to pay tributes/taxes to the royal family because it is assumed they own the land by been the first family to discover that habitation. Therefore, you are entitled to a royalty for discovering, creating, innovating things in life for human advancement and development. Real royalty is the one that is collected for you.

If you have written a book or books and you are the one selling the books, you are earning Active Income not Passive or Residual Royalty. But if you have outlets that sells your books for you online and offline and all you receive is alert from your Bank account that is royalty.

There are discoveries and creations through gifting and talents of people that are no more but their value is still being felt today. They are dead but their families are rich forever from the moneys that comes from ROYALTY Yearly. Steve Jobs is dead but his royalty from Apple goes to his family. Stephen Covey is dead but is royalty from the sales of his book “The Seven Habits Of Highly Effective People” goes to his family. Bob Marley, Michael Jackson, Fela Anikulapo and so on, are all dead but their royalty goes to their family.

Think of creating something today that will be exceptional and outlive you.

You will agree with me, that to earn royalty from intellectual property, you MUST be exceptionally good. It requires inspiration, creativity and connection with the divine. It requires seeing people the way God sees them to create a solution to solve man’s problem. There is also the fear of your solution/creativity/innovation not been accepted. Continuous improvement and personal development, will eventually give you your own audience in this world.

There is nothing to worry about. You can own your own intellectual property, by first owning your life. There is a better way that intelligent and people with integrity can leverage on. The focus is; FIVE (5) WAYS TO GENERATE PASSIVE INCOME not five (5) ways to make money. The focus is freedom not security.


There is one more legitimate way to generate passive income. Watch out for it. This is just number four out of five.


Hope you got some value?


Good day.

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