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Cashflow 101 lessons

      Cashflow 101 is a financial intelligent game created by Robert Kiyosaki. I have played this game before and I recommend you play it often with friends and your family members The following are some of the lessons I learnt playing this game with friends and families: Individually, we are running our own

Whose Life Are You Touching?

  Are you a blessing to somebody? Who said thank you to you yesterday because of the good gesture you showed? Do you believe in people? Are you adding value to people? If I met you today, what positive impact and influence would you have on me? Of what good is your money, position, privileges,

Financial Prophecy

At the end of every recession is expansion. This year 2012-2018, more millionaires will be made in dollars $$$$$$$. The world recession will gradually be ending from the beginning of 2015. This is based on fact, research and revelation. Mark my words, I am not joking. Start creating wealth out of your imagination now. The

God Is Yet To Create An Empty Man

In the beginning when God created man, He made man in His image after His likeness and gave him responsibilities to carry out Gen 1: 26-28. Man was required to be: Fruitful– meaning productivity with his intellect and manhood. But the emphases have been on his manhood in many quarters. Be fruitful with your brain.

The Power of 4

In Avenues to Wealth, we present opportunities that will increase our reputation with friends and fellow human beings. We seek to give solution to people’s challenges. We give “HOPE” assuring people that life can be better for you and your loved ones. We create wealth in the process. We have being for the past 3years

No New Year Without A New YOU

  Growing up as a young man, I remember following my parents to the church towards the end of every year for serious prayers. I wrote down my prayer requests, made resolutions, claimed God’s promises without planning, setting goals, clear vision of how I wanted my New Year to look like and a determination to

Personal Retreat!

  Life is a function of demand not desire. Life response to deep thoughts and you can’t have deep thoughts without personal retreat. Ideas flow in personal retreat. Solution comes to problems during personal retreat. Answers come to questions when you think.  This is the secret of the rich. This is what the rich know

Do You Have A Life Plan?

Life planning is a non-negotiable part of human race. You either plan your life or you help to fulfill others life plans with regrets in the future. Momentary victories are not enough. Many people substitute goal setting for life planning, but I think it is a bad trade-off. Most of us set goals, but very few of

Financial Freedom Budget Workshop

  Are you stretching to make ends meet? Would you find it hard to pay the bills if you lost your job? Are you behind in meeting up with your standard of living? Saving for retirement, college, your dream home and vacation looks impossible? If so, this workshop is for you. You’ll learn financial goal-setting,


.                 This statement was made by the king servant in the Bible. The king had a dream that MUST be interpreted. The state of mind of the people in Babylon needed urgent attention. God gave a vision of possible solution to change the paradigm of the people.