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  Two  2years ago, I attended the very first Leadership Academy of Avenues to Wealth in Nigeria. I have been in Avenues to Wealth since 2008, but never understood Network Marketing and the potential in the opportunity.  Thank God I attended the Academy for the period of 2weeks. I am a living testimony of the

The Solid Rock!

  I was in church today and my pastor shared unpleasant incident that happened to him. One of his siblings who was the first in their family at the age of 14 to know Christ as his personal Savior and Lord, died a painful death the previous day Saturday July 28th, 2012. Very painful indeed.

Buckets or Pipes by Adeolu Akinyemi

This is a story I shared in a number of seminars during the weekend, and I think it’s only proper that I share it with you as well. I’m not certain exactly who owns the story, but I believe I have read it in one of Robert Kiyosaki’s books before. It’s an interesting story that

A Nation at Risk!

  Nigeria is a nation at risk. We are a nation without federation, no system, no institution, no leader, no law. The bane of corruption in Nigeria is traceable to our leaders. If the leader is corrupt, the subject will be encourage to do evil. This evil has led us to this level. We need

Avenues to Wealth Management Team Storms UK

  It is about to rain, the rain of financial freedom for the people in UK. This weekend, the International Directors of Avenues to Wealth will be engaging, educating and empowering people in this part of the world on sustainable wealth creation, financial intelligence, business alternatives, fractional property ownership in Pretoria, South Africa among others.

Back to School

ABUJA - BENUE - NASARAWA - NIGER STATES, DESIGN YOUR FINANCIAL FUTURE I have been receiving mails, sms, calls from my people in North Central to come and empower them financially. The quest for financial freedom and other legitimate streams of income is greatly increasing in the minds of people today. I also get calls

Sustaining Growth!

Hello friends and ardent readers of my blog from time to time. I am sorry for my failure to write for a long period. This was not deliberate; I have been engaged in other things for some time now. I am back and I promise to be more frequent with more inspirational write ups going


    I choose to live by choice, not by chance; to make changes, not excuses; to be motivated, not manipulated; to be useful, not used; to excel, to cooperate, not compete. I choose self-esteem, not self-pity. I choose to listen to my inner voice, not the random opinion of others. I choose to live

I Have A Dream!

  My dream is to continue being able to Make a Difference in others’ lives by offering Hope through a business opportunity that seeks to Honour God and Serve people! Now more than ever, people need Hope and I am ready to work harder than ever to find those people who can benefit from the

Spiritual ATM Card

An ATM is an automated Teller Machine. The ATM Card is use on the machine to access fund that you have in savings or current account with the Bank. The access is possible through a PIN- Private Information Number. If you misplace your card or you forgot your PIN, you have to request for another