Step Out and Step Up!

Australian millionaire, Peter Daniels, had been told by an elementary school teacher he was a bad boy who would never do well in life. Prior to becoming successful, he lived in the consciousness of defeat that had been placed on him, but one day just like today for you reading this, he got a wake-up call that changed both his opinion about himself and his life. He later wrote a book entitle, Miss Phillips, you were wrong.

Thomas Edison, that wizard of electricity, is another example of one who decided not to be limited by failure. He was sent out of school at the age of seven because his teacher though he was too stupid, too dull to learn anything. Still he rose to become a great scientist.

My pastor was always failing in his school days. He lost interest in schooling at a particular time but managed to push on. He was promoted on trail most of the time. In grade four in the secondary school he decided to step out and step up. In 1960, he passed his examination to class five. He decided he was going to come out of college with distinction in all his subjects and he did and had one of the best results from his school. He step up to the University and throughout his years in the University he did well and graduated as the best student in his department that year.

Your mistakes are meant to make you and not to mess you up. Don’t be afraid of making mistakes. Forgive yourself of your mistakes and move on with the lessons you have learnt from them. A mistake is one of the prices we pay when we engage in our purpose and passion in life. Learn to live and live to learn from your mistakes.

Step out of your job security because nothing is secure here. Step up to your desire future. Step out of limitation of your gender. Success knows nobody only response to those who steps up to it. Step out of what is behind you and step up to what is before you. You could call it, a bright and prosperous future base on your perception about it.

Success is not genetic, neither is failure your inheritance. Step out of the limitations of your genealogy. Black is not identical with lack. Step out of limitations of age. The age of Abram could not hinder the miracle of Isaac. The age limit should not limit you. Step up man! In life, God has position us to determine what we want to achieve with it. Encourage yourself and plant your seeds no matter all the odds against you.

Step out of your custom; it is an enemy of new creativity. Step out of failure, and step up to learning from it to lead you into your desired success. Step out of success stories of the past, step up to your success of today. Step out of lack of vision and step up to becoming visionary. Step out of only mental vision, step up to physical vision. If your heart can handle it, then your hand can make it happen.

Step out of working for God and step up to working with God. Step out of working for people and step up to working with people. Step out of wanting to be a great leader and step up to become a great person. Step out of wrong values and step up to right values. Step out of making effort; step up to getting results.  Step out of poverty and step up to opportunities. Step out of your Horeb and step up to your Canaan land (your promise land) where there is abundance.

A Senegalese proverb says, “The opportunity that God sends do not wake those who are asleep.” It is time to breakthrough from all odds to bring forth. Life is all about movement. The long awaited breakthrough is a function of the capacity you have built in your positive step ups. MOVE ON UP!

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