Product Testimonies

“I have lost 20 lbs in just a few months, my blood pressure is down, and my energy is up! I love Trevo and will never go a day without it!” – Trish M., United States

“My physical health was very run down a few months ago. Since I started including Trevo in my daily diet, my health has improved considerably. I have more energy, my feet do not hurt anymore, and life is good. Trevo is definitely an ongoing part of my life!” – Antonio S., Guatemala

“Trevo has given my life back to me; not a life filled with debilitating pain and suffering, but a life filled with joy, good health, and fulfillment. And I’m so grateful and feel so blessed that it was my son, Mark who gave this precious gift to me” – Georgia S., United States

“For two months, I suffered partial deafness on my left ear. I was only able to hear with my right ear. A friend gave me one (1) ‘Trevo 2 Go’ to try; and within 2 days, my left ear opened and now, I could hear properly with both ears. On another occasion, I ate Cassava Flour (Eba) and was having difficulty defecating. I suffered through the night, spent several hours in the toilet, forcefully trying to push it down. The following morning, my husband bought a bottle of Trevo and I was given 1 Oz (capful) and within 90 minutes, I was able to defecate easily. Thanks to Trevo” – Bunmi O., Nigeria

“I have battled with unexplained infertility for almost 7 years. The last few months they have been closely monitoring my eggs – growth rate, size, quantity, etc. I had 1 or 2 eggs in November, December, and January. I started taking Trevo on February 13th. On February 19th, I went in for an ultrasound to check for eggs and I had too many to count on BOTH ovaries!! The doctor seemed surprised but I was just excited! As soon as we left the doctor, my husband and I looked at each other and he said “Think it’s the Trevo?” and I said “Absolutely!” The only thing that we had been doing different is the Trevo! Then when we went in a few days later to check on everything again, the doctor said my lining looked great, perfect for implantation! That is amazing too because the last few months they had seen ‘something they didn’t like’ but couldn’t pin-point what it was. They didn’t see anything they didn’t like this time! They said everything looks great and seemed very optimistic about the IUI working this time!! We will know next week. ~ Anonymous due to personal reasons, United States

Trevo Benefits

“I enjoy 3 delicious ounces of Trevo every morning and have noticed an awesome improvement in my energy level. Plus, I fall into a deeper, more restful sleep at night. What I enjoy the most are the compliments I am receiving. People are noticing my slimmer figure and softer, younger-looking skin. I love it when they ask me what I have been doing. Fantastic!” – Randa W., United States

“For several months, I experienced horrible joint pain. Then I discovered the power of Trevo and I feel wonderful. No joint pain, no swelling, and no redness. I have also noticed that Trevo gives me a great feeling of well-being.” – Rosalba R., Mexico

“Since taking Trevo, I have experienced a wonderful feeling of well-being as well as increased mental focus. I used to become very sleepy every time I tried to read or study, but no more! Also, I have much more energy, and Trevo keeps my immune system defenses running at top speed.” – Rodolfo R., Guatemala

“Sometimes ago, I woke up from bed with a severe headache; and slipped when I walked into the bathroom. I hit my head on the bathtub and was in a coma for 3 days. I was revived the third day after taking 3 ounces of Trevo. My physician recommended I go for a CT Scan, and the result showed I had 3 blood clots in my brain. I was referred to a Teaching Hospital in Lagos to see a Neurosurgeon but I kept taking my Trevo. After finishing a bottle of Trevo, I went for subsequent tests and was certified Ok to go home. Trevo cleared the blood clots in my brain and saved me money and delivered me from severe pains.” – Anonymous due to personal reasons, Nigeria

“My wife has, for many years, experienced severe insomnia. A few months ago, she began taking Trévo and is now enjoying sound, restful sleep each and every night. Plus, the facial blemishes she has endured for over 15 years are now completely gone! I gave Trévo to my dad and mom, who are now in their nineties and eighties respectively, and they absolutely love it! They never stop asking for more Trévo.” ~ Amobi O., Nigeria

“I had breast cancer surgery in April 2011, followed by two additional surgeries a week later. The morning after my last surgery, I drank two ounces of Trévo and went shopping with my daughter! Through the other two surgeries, as long as I drank my Trévo every day, I did fine.  My stamina is increasing, but without enjoying Trévo daily I either can’t sleep or want to sleep all the time.  I have found that if I take at least two ounces of Trévo first thing in the morning, I make it through the whole day. I just can’t go without my Trévo. Thank you for such a wonderful product!” ~ Cathy H., United States

“Purity and sufficiency should be our goal for everything we put into our bodies. Proper food choices are key to maintaining a healthy, active, purposeful life. Trévo offers so many positive food choices in just one bottle, it’s no wonder people are having such great results!” ~ Dr. Brian W., United States

“I’ve been a Type II diabetic for over 6 years. I started taking Trévo 3 weeks ago, and my blood sugar is nearly normal … from 120 units of insulin a day! And I have lost 10 lbs. on this remarkable product! Wow!” ~ Ron S., United States

“For most of my life, I have had terrible gastrointestinal problems. From ulcers to gall bladder problems, the pain affected every aspect of my life. At the age of 16, I was taking prescription drugs for ulcers and had to have my gall bladder removed. Even these didn’t give me much relief. I started taking Trévo a year ago, and today I am no longer taking any type of prescription meds and can eat just about anything I want. I truly believe that the complete, natural nutrition of Trévo gave me my health back and have made this product a part of my daily lifestyle. Thanks, Trévo!” ~ Rebecca S., United States

“I am a very busy businesswoman who deals with stress on a regular basis. This constant stress caused my physical health to deteriorate, and I always felt exhausted. I began taking Trévo a month ago, and I am very happy to report that my health is in good condition. I confidently recommend Trévo to everyone who has a busy life.” ~ Violeta, Guatemala

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