My Dream Is To Own Twenty Cabs!

Believe in yourself

One day, Dr. David J. Schwartz, the author of several books including- The Magic of Thinking Big and The Magic of Getting What You Want, was in Atlanta suburb during rush hour and needed a cab. Finally one stopped and he got in. The cab was very clean but very old- a 20years old Cadillac. The driver said; Good evening sir, where may I take you? Dr. Schwartz told him where he wanted to go and then said. “You are from Jamaica aren’t you”? The driver glanced at him quickly and said, why? Yes I am, but how did you know? I get to Jamaica frequently and your accent is unmistakably Jamaican and I love it, replied Dr. Schwartz.

They drove through the traffic for a few minutes without speaking and then the driver said affirmatively; “This my cab I own it. I am in business for myself. Soon I will own two cabs. My dream is to own twenty cabs.”

Dr. Schwartz replied, “Great, I am always glad to meet an Entrepreneur. How long have you lived in the United States? Eleven months, replied the cab driver. When I got to this country, I had only two hundred dollars ($200) and already I have my own business.”

Dr. Schwartz was impressed and he quickly reflected on the Newspaper headline he saw while waiting for the cab. It reads; “9.2million people are unemployed.” He thought to himself, how could this fellow who is in a strange, new environment have a successful business when a staggering number of people who were born and educated here are unemployed?

De. Schwartz obviously impressed said to the driver, “you are a remarkable fellow, you must work hard.”

“Oh, no sir, replied the driver. This isn’t work. I like what I am doing. You see, the profit all come to me, not to a boss or some big company.

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