Money is the exchange for value. To have money in life, you must discover the value God has ordained you to add to others for you to get value back in monetary terms. The way you think about money will determine how much of it you accumulate more than any other factor. Your attitude toward money affects your emotions and your motivations

Do you feel that you have enough? In psychology, money is what is called a deficiency need. This means that it only motivates you when you feel deficient in it, when you don’t feel that you have enough. Above a certain level, when you feel that you have enough money, it is no longer a motivator.

Money is beautiful when it has a purpose

Money is handsome when it has direction

Money is just great when its brings back returns

Money is only a seed when it can produce fruits

Money says… “You hold me in your hand and you call me yours. Yet may I not as well call you mine? See how easily I rule you. To gain me, you would all but die. I am invaluable as rain, essential as water. Without me, men and institutions will die. Yet I do not hold the power of life for them. I am futile without the stamp of your desire. I go nowhere unless you send me. I keep strange company, you see me with the lowliest and in palaces. For me, men mock, love and scorn good character. Yet I am appointed to the service of saints, to give education to the growing mind and food to the starving bodies of the poor. My power is terrific. Handle me carefully and wisely, lest you become my servant, rather than I to you.

Money says…” Everybody needs me, but not everybody gets me. If you know so much about me, you will surely track me down. I’m neither good nor bad, depending on how you use me”

Money says…“With me you enjoy, without me you endure. I am like a rain, get me and use me when I’m falling, else if you use me to help others, I will always return to you”

Money says…“If you don’t hold me loosely, I will take over your heart, if you don’t give me away, I will not multiply to you”

Money says…“I love to abide with those who work smart, honest and sensible. I’m a very loyal servant, but can also be a terrible master”

Money says…“I have no relation, I roll here and there, if you don’t tie me down, I move away” The best way to tie down money is to invest in avenues to wealth.  The avenues are:

  • Real Estate investment
  • Stock/Shares investment
  • Business ownership
  • Selling and Marketing your skill.
  • Network Marketing. This opportunity allows you to build passive income through leverage and free you from linear income over time.

Money says…” I have never satisfied anybody and nobody can be satisfied with only me. I’m always on the go and transient. I never abide except you send me out purposefully”

We all need money to enjoy the good things of life. Somebody said; “It’s better to have money and not need it than to need it and not have it. To have it, we must be friendly with money and keep it. We must abide by the language of money. Money is one of the determinate factors to our success in life. Robert Kiyosaki said; “Tell me something that money doesn’t affect” and the answer is NOTHING! Money affect the schools our children go, our vacation, the kind of house will live in, the kind of cars will drive, our clothes, our social responsibility to the community, our relationship with our spouse, our giving to God’s work, everything we do in life. Money is good and God is happy when we have it in a legitimate way. Stay tune as I continue with Money Language part two.

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