Mercy For Today (4)


Psalm 89:1 says; “I will sing of the mercies of the LORD forever: with my mouth will I make known thy faithfulness to all generations.”

King David acknowledged the mercies of God on his life and he could not but praise God. His determination to praise God was for a life-time “FOREVER” Due to the daily mercies of God upon his life, he made a commitment to live and leave legacy behind from generation to generations. Today, we are reading about him because of the posterity he left behind.

Those who recognizes the mercies of God on their lives, do not take it for granted. They worship God. They bless others with the mercies of God upon their lives. They see themselves as privileged by God to enjoy His mercies.

To make known the faithfulness of God to all generations, is to share of the mercies of God with others. They preach the gospel of Christ to others. They share their blessings, riches, wealth, opportunities, time, resources, and life to bless, impact people’s lives positively. They do not take the glory of the mercies of God upon themselves. They honor God in all their endeavors in life.

How wonderful it will be if we make up our minds by the grace of God to use our mouth to sing of God’s mercies and make known His faithfulness to humanity. Let’s disciplined our mouth this year and for the rest of our lives, to use our tongue positively. This will be much more possible through transformation of life. It will be impossible to truly sing and make known God’s faithfulness with your mouth and life if your life is yet to receive the initial mercy of God through salvation available only through Christ.

My prayer is that our mouth, lifestyle will sing of the mercies of God. May we leave the legacy of mercies and God’s faithfulness to us to generations after we have gone in Jesus name, amen.

More Mercy!

All Blessings!

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