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“And Abram said unto lot, let there be no strife, I pray thee, between me and thee, and between my herdmen and thy herdmen; for we be brethren. 9. Is not the whole land before thee? Separate thyself, I pray thee, from me: if thou wilt take the left hand, then I will go to the right; or if thou depart to the right hand, then I wilt go to the left.” Genesis 13:8-9

 What made Abram (Abraham) to make such statement? His Mind-set. His Mind got transformed at Bethel, Genesis 13:1-4. When the life of a man is transformed and reprogrammed, the daily renewal of the mind with healthy and godly resources helps us to think right to act right. This was the case of Abraham. God called Abram not Lot. He could have use his authority as the called man to make choices for his brother’s son, but his transformed Mind would not allow him to do that. Others MUST see Christ in us if truly we have been transformed by grace through faith.

Lot followed Abram his uncle everywhere he went. They were in the same trade. God prospered both of them. The prosperity was so much that the available land to them at that time could not contain them and there substance anymore Gen 13:6

 Abram said to Lot, ‘’Let there be no strife, I pray thee, between me and thee’’ His Mind-set was to maintain a godly relationship between him and Lot. Therefore, there was a need for a separation. Separation from some people in your life could be necessary to keep the bond of peace, fellowship and unity with them. Separation helps us to avoid strife. But it is painful that some people’s Mind-set still keeps animosity with people they have separated from. For as long as the separation is for good, free your MIND from the pains of the past and move on with your life for the best ahead.

Abraham allowed Lot to choose where to settle first. WHY? Because Abraham Mind was waiting on God. He knew the earth is the Lord and the fullness thereof. He knew His transformed Mind will profit from any land. Because Abraham knew it did not matter the kind of challenging land you gave to him. What he was carrying in him was enough to make it fatter. He knew it was not the land that needed to be fatter, it was the blessing in him that needed to come upon the land. Whatever the land was, it will yield. The day we realize who we are in Christ, our position, privilege, portion, possession, that’s when the blessing of the finished work of Christ in us will begin to manifest out through our transformed MIND.

It does not matter what that line of business or carrier is. It doesn’t matter the company you are in. The Bible says, it is the blessing of the Lord that maketh rich and added no painful toil/ no sorry to it. Therefore, it is not the right grade/certificate. It is not man know man Mind-set. It is not the right connection or family privilege. It is the blessing, the Mind of God in you that compel the favour, that makes the doors open, that brings the right strategy, which brings the wisdom, that opens the door and not toil. Therefore, Abraham needed not strife with Lot because he was a carrier of the blessings of God. In Genesis 13:14-18, God release more blessing into the life of Abraham. In verse 17, God said to Abraham; ‘’Arise, walk through the land’’ and take possession.

How does our Mind possess the land?

Walk in uprightness through the land that the Lord has given you

Work in the land don’t be idle

Worship and praise God for the land He has given you

Word confession and Christ lifestyle must be our daily focus and practise in the land

Welfare of the people in the land must be our focus. Give to charity in the land. There is a purpose for your prosperity

Warfare engagement with all the forces that want to war against the law of God in your MIND in the land

Winning with the right associations and contacts in the land. Win and keep building your Mind-set with the right People and right Books.

As a child of God, deliberately allow your Mind to focus and mediate on the promises and wonders of God in the past. I am sure Abraham was busy mediating on the book of God, God’s covenant and promises to him, and simply saying; God let your will be done in my life.

Setting our Minds on God’s Choice, is the Best CHOICE.

I pray for you today, that you will allow God to choose for you. I pray that your Mind will constantly remind you that you are the blessing and when you declare possibilities on any challenging land or situation, miracle will follow in Jesus name. Lord Jesus, help us to get occupied with the opportunities you have given us in the land. Help us to WIN with your word daily in Jesus name, amen.

The kingdom of God is the kingdom of the soul. The soul consist of your emotion, mind and will. God wants to control your soul. Surrender your soul to Jesus today.

Your Transformation is my concern

Fulfilling purpose keeps me excited

I celebrate you! Be healthy and wealthy in your mind!

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