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“And David inquired of the LORD, saying, Shall I go up to the Philistines? Wilt thou deliver them into my mine hand? And the LORD said unto David, Go up: for I will doubtless deliver the Philistines into thine hand” 2Samuel 5:19

King David was a man of war and the Philistines were set of people he and his team had conquered in battle before. He defeated their capital, Goliath, in battle. The nations around Israel were afraid of them because of the man David who was skilful, strategic and strong in battle because the Lord God was with him.

The Mind-set of David was not to rely on his victory over the Philistines in the past but yet sought the face of the LORD on this new fight against them. Many are falling today in Christianity and Ministry because they rely on the victory of yesterday to fight the sophisticated battle of today. The sophistication in technology and all forms of devices available today, are not stronger and more powerful than our Saviour. But wrong Mind-sets in fighting the battle over our enemy could lead to defeat.

Yesterday’s grace is not sufficient for today.

Yesterday’s anointing is not fresh for today’s battle.

The faith of yesterday needs to be further built to win today.

Victory of yesterday does not guaranteed the victory of today.

The prayer of yesterday is not enough for today

The Bible study of yesterday is not enough for today.

The methods and strategies of yesterday may not be necessary for today.

The weapons of war of yesterday are not the same weapon used in today’s war.

The knowledge and wisdom of yesterday, is not sufficient for today. We need a better and higher understanding today.

Our God of yesterday, is the same today and forever. But is ways, methods are not stereotyped.

As David set his Mind to pray, believers must do the same. Our mind must seek the Lord at all times in all things. The smallest matter in our Christian walk, should be taken to God for His view about it. The Mind-set of saying, LORD, WHAT WOULD YOU HAVE ME TO DO ON THIS MATTER

Sometimes as believers, we rush to make decisions. It is a function of our Mind. The Mind manifest what has been programmed into it. The training we have given our Mind is what it act on. As believers, we must know how to use the word, I WILL GET BACK TO YOU in our relationships. People will come to respect us when we don’t rush into taking decision just on the sport. You don’t have to necessarily tell them you want to go and pray about it. Since they know you are a Christian, it is natural for them to think you want to go and pray about it. IT IS A GOOD MIND-SET IF YOU PRAY AND THINK THROUGH ON ISSUES BEFORE YOU GIVE YOUR ANSWERS ON THEM.

Did King David and his men had the victory over the enemy because the King set his Mind to seek the Lord….VERSES 20-21? Now you will agree with me that our God is a dynamic God and His sons and daughters must follow the same Mind-set.

In the same chapter Verses 22-25, the Philistines came yet again to fight with the Children of Israel and God gave King David another strategy when he set his Mind to seek the Lord… 2Samuel 5:23. The same method will not always be the solution all the time. God’s strategies are gotten in the place of PRAYER AND MEDITATION

Your ministry needs a new strategy. Your family needs a new method to handle that challenge or project. Your business needs a new approach in marketing, management, branding, profit making. Your church needs a new programme to attract souls to the kingdom. Your personal evangelism needs a new revelation from the Holy Spirit on the chariot to join to win the Ethiopian eunuch. All these and much more will be taken care of, if we set our Mind to seek the Lord and not rely on our own understanding.

Stop doing things as a child of God without checking through. Think Through! Pray Through!

I pray for you today, that you will daily receive empowerment and wisdom from God. Your mind will be set to inquire from God in all things. You will not fall prey of relying on your own understanding. May you find the time to pray and think through. I pray for you today, that all the mistakes and consequences of wrong decisions and actions of the past, receive forgiveness, healing and deliverance from them in Jesus name, amen.

The kingdom of God is the kingdom of the soul. The soul consist of your emotion, mind and will. God wants to control your soul. Surrender your soul to Jesus today.

Your Transformation is my concern

Fulfilling purpose keeps me excited

I celebrate you! Be healthy and wealthy in your mind!

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