This statement was made by the king servant in the Bible. The king had a dream that MUST be interpreted. The state of mind of the people in Babylon needed urgent attention. God gave a vision of possible solution to change the paradigm of the people. There was nobody that could give the interpretation of the vision that the king had.

In Daniel 2:25, the servant of the king said; ………. “I have found a man”…………. In verse 46, “then the king Nebuchadnezzar fell upon his face, and worshipped Daniel.” When you are found, even the king will honour you.

The world is in need of people that would solve the global economic problem; the government of your country need somebody to give direction in leadership. The business of leadership is to move people to certain value that will lead to the good of all. Our schools need somebody that would give directive to our children, the church need people that would be passionate to pursue the 7 mountains of the kingdom, in the business world, we need people with the right values, in politics, we need people that will serve the people and not themselves. Are you qualified? May you be found?

You are created with a divine purpose, vision, dream, direction, a life of meaning. God created you to be a blessing to somebody. Your life is a journey, you are created to be a:

Fulfilment to somebody.

Joy to somebody

Lifter of somebody’s vision, dreams. You have a better life by helping others have a better life.

Be available to give your wisdom to your world. Daniel was available to interpret the dream of the king. Can you be found?

Be ready to possess. The king was ready to receive from the wisdom of Daniel by inviting him to the palace. When you find your man, will you be humble to receive from him?

Be ready to offer what you have possessed to others. In Dan 2:48-49,  Daniel was promoted after the interpretation, but he offered it to his three friends. What are you offering to your world?

For every destiny carrier, there is a destiny helper.

To become something in life, you need something from the lives of the people who have become somebody.

The vacuum in your life, somebody has been appointed to fill that vacuum. It is your duty to locate that person.

It is only wise that when you have known the person that carries your possession, be ready to pay a price…. The king paid the price. If you are limited in knowledge is because you are limited in price.

You might not be qualifying for the next level if you refuse to rest on the shoulders of those who are already there. There are people who have gone ahead of you, not necessarily because of age but experience, hard work, pro-activity, beginning with their end in mind and by focusing on priorities.

Acknowledge your hour of visitation. Recognize that you mean so much to your world.

What you carry will make claim for you

What you possess will position you

What you believe, you become

What you know will make you known

What you stand for will make you outstanding.

Daniel was discovered because he was a man of purpose, principle, pedigree and prodigy. Dare to be a Daniel in your world. Your world; I mean your career, your profession, your family, your business, your community, in government, your church, your country.

The world is looking for you. There are more to you than meet the eye. Nothing makes a man presentable like the presence of God. Are you building capacity for your announcement? You will be announced and celebrated. Your place in history will not be replaced. You can interpret and achieve that dream, make real the vision that you envision. What you are imagining and creating will announce you because you have the right values.

CAN YOU BE FOUND? The future you see is the future you become!

I pray for you today, that the dream you carry will become a reality.


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