In less than six (6) months of joining TREVO an American Wellness and Business Opportunity Company, I became a Director yesterday 31st March, 2014. I have to pass the online Director’s exams and build my team to achieve this feat. I give God all the glory.

What does this mean? It means going forward, I will now be sharing from the Global Sales Pool Bonus Monthly. Every month Trevo takes 15% of their global sales not Net Profit and reward their Directors and Executives. What a generous and people oriented Business Opportunity.

Last month, Trevo made over $6million in Sales Turnover. The 15% of this is $900,000 and this will be shared among Directors and Executives. There are eight (8) ways to earn money in Trevo and the 15% sales pool bonus is just one of them. Trevo is a very transparent company that even a new member sees what the company is making per day from their website. Trevo is a $1billion company and I am just imagining when Trevo will make $10million sales turnover in a month, $50million, $100million, $200million, $500million, $900million sales in a month. That will be wow! We have just BEGAN!

I appreciate all my growing team in Nigeria, Cameroon, Niger Republic, Cotonou, Togo, Ghana, South Africa, Dubai, UK, India, USA and still counting. The good Lord increase and multiply His blessings on you all.

Are you still a doubter? It is time for you to believe and doubt not.

TREVO truly empowers:
-Health and Wealth
– Achievement of Dreams
-Financial Freedom
-Family Happiness
-Spiritual Fulfilment
-Emotional Balance

Trevo helps you rewrite history and create your world. Today, there are people earning $2,000, $5,000, $7,000, $10,000, $20,000, $30,000, $40,000, $45,000 in Trevo monthly and the company will just be three (3years) in Nigeria November 2014. What are you still waiting for? Only the unwise doubt proofs.

Have you ever wished that you were in the right place at the right time like those people who bought Wal-Mart Stock, Microsoft, Google ( or Nigerian Stock like Nestle, Peak Milk, MTN, GTBank) some years ago? Now is the right time to be part of Trevo, a truly global company

Before I forget, do you know there is a level you get to in Trevo and the company gives you a Charity Bonus Certificate? It means at a particular level in Trevo, the company execute a charity community project of your choice and spend $150,000 on your behalf, immortalizing your name while you are still living. This is called giving back to the society. What a human face company. TREVO! Empowering Dreams and Wellness.

It’s about time to take charge of your life, stop blaming government, your parents, your spouse, your background because you are unstoppable if you can dare. One with God is in the majority.                        stairs

COME and grow with a growing company, WE HAVE JUST BEGAN!
Trevo, a lifestyle in a single bottle. http://goo.gl/fUHYKS

-Be my guest this week Thursday April 3rd, 2014
@Time Square Events Centre 27 Ajao Road Off Adeniyi Jones Ikeja
Time: 11:00am prompt

The CEO Mark Stevens from America will be in Nigeria live to celebrate award winning members of Trevo and Brand New Cars will be given out.

“If it is to be, it is up to you!”  http://goo.gl/fUHYKS

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