Fuel Subsidy Removal



On the 1st of January, 2012, the Federal Government of Nigeria removed the subsidy on Petrol and this moved the pump price from N65 to N141. This led to workers strike and protest from Nigerians. Many human right organizations, civil societies, musicians, students, nollywood, engage the people to demand for the reversal of the petrol price to the former price. This brought many questions to my mind.

Are you receiving subsidy from your parents when you are supposed to be taking care of them? Are your children the only source of your livelihood at your current old age? Is government pension your only source of financial succour? Your elder brothers and sisters, friends, home and abroad, are they your financial subsidy? Do you depend on others to survive? Are you at the mercy of somebody for your daily upkeep as an adult? Who is subsidizing what for you? Should your husband be taken away from you through death as a wife, would you go into prostitution because your hubby was the subsidy?

What will you do oh lazy man that cannot use his brain to hire himself because government or organisations refuse to hire you? This has made you to depend on your wife’s business or salary. Should the business fail or salary stop because she has to go, what will you do lazy man depending solely on the financial subsidy from the wife for many years?

The subsidy from one source of income could be removed one day because you solely depended on it. It is time to build multiple streams of income as individual and a nation. Develop other sources of income you have around you. Look for opportunities to build and increase passive income. Depending only on salary is risky. Nigerians should not protest on oil alone but that our economy is at the brinks of collapse if our government fail to encourage free enterprise.

The last nationwide strike and protest that lasted from 9th-16th January, 2012 taught me some lessons. For me the major lesson I learnt on business and finance is that:

I must not depend on one income stream

All my money must not be in one Bank and Industry

All my investment, business and network must not be in one country

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Friend, at retirement or old age, would you still have financial subsidy or it would have been removed because you failed to prepare by building multiple streams of income now? Be wise and avoid the removal of financial subsidy by yourself.

Remember, if you fail to prepare for your financial future now, your standard of living will go on strike, your children and generation will protest and God’s assignment that you have come to fulfil will suffer for lack of money.

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