Entrepreneurship- key to Financial Independence

One of the greatest needs of our country at the moment is entrepreneurs. Our country needs people of action. Entrepreneurs are people who refuse to surrender their lives to external forces. They are people who take the initiative. Spectators do not take decisions; they only watch actors and at the end of the day they have no reward.

The present global economic meltdown has serious negative effects on the finances of individuals, families, businesses, corporations and the nation as a whole. The consequences are grave and perplexing but not discouraging to those who believe that, by God’s grace they can overcome the challenge.

Business requires understanding because scarce resources are involved. Though it is a slippery and dangerous terrain yet, when the right understanding, appropriate investment and timing are combined, it becomes a solid and successful pathway to financial stability and peace of mind.

Many blue-chip organisations existing today and making huge profits were ideas of some people many years back. The ideas started in a small way through Mission and Vision conceived and developed based on prudent management of men, money and materials but guaranteed with perseverance and integrity. Today, you can also wake up to the clarion call to do something that could eventually be bigger than you. The first capital in entrepreneurship is idea. Your first business is your personal qualification.

Entrepreneurs are people who are too immature to see the obstacles that are obvious to others.

Entrepreneurs are people who start or organise commercial enterprises involving financial risks.

An Entrepreneur is a person who treats obstacles as daily exercise yet overcoming them.

An Entrepreneur is a person who takes business venture(s) from any known level, develop it and nurture it until the business is bigger than the initiator.

Entrepreneurship gives freedom of time. It is not a freedom to wake up when you like, but freedom to spend 16hours daily on your business, just expressing yourself, expressing your passion.

To become an entrepreneur you have to:

  1. Define your purpose, goals and focus- what do you really want to achieve in life?
  2. Refine your purpose, goals and focus- you can walk in two directions at the same time. Limit your time, talent and money towards advancing those specific areas.
  3. Streamline your purpose, goals and focus- eliminate activities in your life that will distract and hinder your progress towards your desired destination
  4. Engage your purpose, goals and focus- take calculated and precise action steps toward your focused destination.

It is a very big challenge to be poor or live in poverty; and a bigger challenge to overcome the challenges poverty pose to us. There is need then to embark on economic self-reliance and be proactive instead of depending on white-collar jobs which may not be available for our ever-increasing able-bodied population. Hard-work certainly yields dividends for those who are exercised thereby. Laziness has never profited anyone. Rise up and work. It is a common adage that necessity is the mother of invention. Do not fold your hands waiting for crumbs to fall from others’ table. There is always something to do earn a living.

The future is not in your job or business but in YOU! Therefore Never Ending Thinking!

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