Do You Have A Plan B?

I was privilege to listened to one of my mentors shared the above topic with a group of people last year. He told the audience never to do anything without thinking of how the future will look like. Begin with the end in mind from day one. It might look difficult but it’s possible.

The following questions were asked during the course of his presentation.

How many streams of income do you currently have?

If you lose your current job or source(s) of income today, are you likely to survive for more than one year on passive income? If your answer is ‘NO’ guest what, you need to Make More Money Now.

If you add all you own, subtract all you owe and divided by the numbers of years you have spent working, is the value of your life per annum worth it? This is meant to reveal the value of your life all these years per year.

How many new non-work related relationships have you built in the last one year? Three (3) set of people that you MUST have around you are:

-people ahead of you

-people at your level

-people behind you

Who are you? What is your worth? Introduce yourself please. You should be able to have values in you content. Build your Personal Brand.

What type of life do you desire to have at age 65?

The concept majority of us have as we were growing up in life been Plan A. It is a culture or tradition that our parents have been used to. Creativity was a major challenge to many of our forefathers. They lived to celebrate the few inventors; dreamers of their time and those who dare to make things happen and served them. The world we are in today is a complex world that requires lot of equations to arrive at a reasonable solution.

Plan A says; endeavor to graduate at age 25, get a good grade from college, get a good job, marry and live happily after and die. This mentality of plan A is wrong and must be discarded by those passionate about helping people, personal development, leaving a legacy, retiring to passive income and financial freedom.

I read a story of two guys in my country that started working in a corporation some years back same day. One was engaged in a plan B along side with his plan A, the other was not. They both retired the same day and now have to depend on pension scheme of the corporation. The little pension they depended on was always coming late or may not even come for some months. The other guy that did not have a plan B noticed that is former colleague was always looking fresh and had a fine car to cruise around. His friend became curious and asked his former colleague what is the secret of his happiness? The friend simply told him he had a plan B far back to their working years, which is what is sustaining him. His friend without a plan B collapsed and died on one of the queue for his pension one day. Sad! Got a plan B? The government work you are doing today, should you leave tomorrow and the national cake is longer there for you, what is your hope?

Friends are you doing what you love or you love what you do? Let’s face it Unemployment is at an all time high, Industries are downsizing, trillions have been lost in the stock market and It’s not over. Warren Buffet said; “This downturn could last 8yrs”

This is REALITY!

Working with the statistics it is the reality for the majority

If you run out of money in a Slow Economy,

‘You will suffer’

‘Your family will suffer’

‘Your kids will suffer’

I don’t care what you do or who you are in a weak economy, the rules change.

‘Let’s face it’ if you work and have a job, how secure can it possibly be?

Think about it, if they find someone;

–              Faster than you

–              Cheaper than you

–              Younger than you

–              Better looking than you,

You are out of the job

What are your options? Get a 2nd job? Wrong! Stay back and do nothing? Wrong!  Start your own business? (95% businesses fail in the 1st year)

What are the opinions for the rest of us? Look for an opportunity with little capital involvement, that you can do part time or full time

That can make some real money

  • $1,000 extra a month
  • $1,000 extra a week
  • 6 figure income


  • Money changes everything
  • Changes the car you drive
  • Changes vacations you take
  • Schools your kids go

When you are the boss, your life changes tremendously

  • You decide when you work
  • What time you get up
  • What you wear


  • You can Control the economy
  • You can Beat the recession
  • You can Take control of your life

Find out more about the business you could own;

–              Part time

–              No employees

–              No Headaches

–              Small investment

You can live in fear of the economy or you can control the economy, it is your choice

What is your ‘Plan B’?

–              Do something

–              Government isn’t going to save you

–              Your boss isn’t going to save you

–             Your certificates will not save you

It is up to you!

If you want a solid future, you need to create it. You can change your future only when you take control of your income source. You need to have a plan B.

Friend, the ladder you are climbing today; where is it planted and where is it leading you to?

Stephen Covey points out, “it doesn’t matter how fast or high you climb on the ladder if it’s leaning against the wrong wall.” Many people change jobs when they discovered they are on a wrong ladder. But before a few months or years they have changed to another job again. This will lead nowhere but bankruptcy of purpose, lean purse, unhappiness, and frustration. The end of a job should not be the end of your life.

The reason you don’t have new friends, no growth in your personal development is because you don’t have a plan B. You don’t receive thank you from people because you don’t have a plan B. Without a plan B, no real legacy will be left in the minds of people when you are gone. Be wise friend and redirect your energy to develop and donate your potential to the world by creating a plan B or plug in to an existing and exciting Plan B around you. Ayn Rand said; “Wealth is the product of man’s capacity to think.”

Your Future Starts Now!

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