Demand on Life!

Everybody wants to be somebody. It is a fact of life. I believe the desire to be somebody is inherent in every living soul on this planet. No matter who we are or where we come from, deep down, all of us believe that we are special, we are different, and we are the best.

All kids are dreamers. It is as natural to them as breathing. It is normal with children to think and write down when asked of what their aspirations are in the future. The common answers are; I want to be a pilot, doctor, lawyer, the president of my country, an Olympic gold medalist for those passionate about sports, and so on.

There is nothing unusual about these kids. All children play the when I grow up game. When they were young, it never occurs to them that there are any obstacles or mile stones to their dreams. Their minds are filled with possibilities. They know next to nothing about responsibility. Their minds are free to dream the biggest dreams their hearts can produce.

Wait a minute, life will not give you what you deserve, desire only what you DEMAND! It is good to believe in your dreams but you must also act on your dreams. Faith without works is dead and work without faith is dead too.

If you will accept being average and ordinary, life will make you average and ordinary

If you will accept being unhappy, life will make you unhappy

If you will accept having financial problems that is what life will give you.

But if you say no to those things, in most areas of life you can have anything you want. If you demand happiness, God’s values, success, financial freedom and fulfillment, that is exactly what you will get.

Life will give you whatever you will accept. Life will turn out the way you see it turning out.

To all and sundry, especially to the younger generation, the world is agog with people who place demand on life. Nobody is going to walk up and hand you a great opportunity, but guess what? You don’t need anybody else because you have got the power to be successful inside you. All you need is the belief that you deserve a place in this world and be determined to make it happen. DEMAND THIS FOR YOURSELF!

Demand a better life TODAY!

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