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Cashflow 101 is a financial intelligent game created by Robert Kiyosaki. I have played this game before and I recommend you play it often with friends and your family members

The following are some of the lessons I learnt playing this game with friends and families:

    • Individually, we are running our own race. No competition.
    • In every opportunity, we should look for how to increase passive income
    • In playing the game, we should not base our decisions on personal past experiences. Be real.
    • It does not matter how much we starts with, what matters is making use of every opportunity that comes our way.
    • Don’t give up.
    • Don’t worry about the speed of others, focus on your own game plan
    • Don’t just give birth to children, plan for each child
    • Be mindful of how you throw the dice of life, because it determines your financial future
    • At times you could borrow to increase passive income
    • It is not about what you earn but what you save and invest.
    • Know the strength of your spouse in financial decision
    • Buy stock that has the potential to increase at its lowest price
    • Take calculated risk
    • Give to charity
    • When you downsize, take inventory, learn, go on vacation and bounce back
    • Receiving pay check upon pay check will not increase your financial base without proper financial intelligent.

I strongly recommend you look for this game and play to increase your financial intelligent, document all the lessons learnt and review them from time to time. If you will like to play the game and your are in Lagos Nigeria, you could contact me

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