The Wonder Banks (Ponzi scheme) are gradually coming back and the pyramid schemes are still around with all kinds of names. Take heed! It is time to say no to opportunities that will not promote a personal healthy life, which will not promote friendship and profitable lasting relationship with people. Some people deliberately refuse to learn from their past wrong experiences because falsehood, cheating others and taking advantage of others is in their nature. You also fall victim to them because of your greed and get rich quick schemes you are looking for here and there.  Be wise, such money don’t last and whatever you do with them will fade away with time.  Remember, you can only win with people not with money.

People are willing and ready to pay for value, therefore promote value. The Privilege Pack of A2W can make you a multi-millionaire if you understand it, value it and share it with others. The privilege pack of A2W will not double your money without you doing anything like some of those schemes promised. We are into real business in Avenues to Wealth. In A2W, it is about asset building that could last a life time and with the capacity to generate passive income if properly built. Through A2W today, I can be:

– Distributor of major companies in Nigeria

– Sell every day goods to friends and people around me

-Package Health Insurance for people

-Design my financial future through the viable and fast growing Cooperative Society of A2W

-Invest in Mutual fund portfolio abroad for my children Education and personal retirement plan

-Invest in property ownership locally and abroad.

-Download over 240 books for free for personal use and which also comes with reseller right.

-Get ticket and hotel accommodation for less for me and people anywhere in the world through the IATA certification of A2W travels. The tour packages in exotic places around the world.

-Receiving personal development training every week online and offline for effectiveness in all areas of life, cannot be quantify.

-Asset acquisition through A2W privilege pack mind blowing.

-Buying from “Our Shop” concept with the opportunity to earn even from my expense is amazing.

What else will I say; time will not permit me to mention over 2,000 products and services on the portal of A2W. We are adding value, creating businesses, empowering the people with lasting opportunities and extra income for financial freedom are been made through Avenues to Wealth. Be Focus because the best is yet to come and your best days are here.

This is the time to say a BIG CAPITAL NO to anyone; upline or downline, team member or nor team members, who come to dissuade you to follow lies in the name of you will make it fast here. Some of them are even polite enough to call A2W a very credible, lasting, sustainable opportunity, but……….. I am yet to find the meaning of their but and they have refused to explain it to you. The “but” means…………come and make money anyhow. Tell them you have conscience. They have killed their conscience, so that their imagination can do anything. The only thing that balances our imagination is our conscience, keep it alive.

I can call myself a carrier Networker or I will be in Network Marketing for life is not the guaranteed that I will succeed in the business. I MUST understand my product, be passionate about it, promote it and not seek to pull it down by promoting other pyramid schemes and seeking to dissuade members of Avenues to Wealth to it. Remember, whatever you sow you will reap. If truly I am a carrier Networker in A2W, and then I must contribute to the growth of the business in my own capacity, show up in members meetings and participate meaningfully, I should be able to present A2W opportunity very well——that is, the Company, the Product and the Compensation Plan of A2W

A carrier Networker will always seek to duplicate his/her in the business. They seek to change ranks and not only interested in Instant Reward that is for the moment, but in cycle bonuses that could be for a life cycle. I love to work with people who are hungry to learn and grow. It is a drag working with people who think they already know it all. A carrier Networker knows how to differentiate Ponzi and Pyramid schemes from Network Marketing business. I am not a carrier Networker in Avenues to Wealth if I fail to log in to my A2W account daily and explore the opportunities in it.

            These are the Cs that is keeping me on in the business:

  1. Conviction-now I know and I want to know more.
  2. Clarity-Vision about the future possibilities
  3. Commitment- to my vision, that of the company and the industry. This gave me focus in my genuine opportunity (A2W)
  4. Connection- with leaders, people, books, materials, resources etc
  5. Celebration- I celebrate myself occasionally in the biz thanking God for the feat already achieved and love to celebrate my team members also.
  6. Compensation plan-the binary bonus for me is passive income.
  7. Celebrity- that I can be celebrated for helping people succeed in this industry is my greatest joy.


As I close, these are the words of Robert Kiyosaki; people sometimes ask me, “Why do you recommend Network Marketing to people as a way they can build wealth, when you did not become rich that way yourself?” Actually, it is because I did not gain my fortune through network marketing that I can be a bit more objective about the industry. I came to appreciate this business as an outsider, and only after I had already built my own wealth and established my own financial freedom. All the same, if I had to do it all over again today and start from the scratch, rather than building an old-style business, I would start out by building a network marketing business.


Continue to drive and remain focused on your Avenues to Wealth business and run away from all the Ponzi scheme, Pyramid schemes, eat and run programs that will not add any value and virtue to you. If you have not read My Platinum Journey, you can read it here:


I have genuine interest in people, business skill, strong drive, INTEGRITY and the startup capital that is why I am driving A2W. My A2W Rock! What about you?


My A2W business, I love you and will continue to love you. I will promote you everywhere I go. I will continue to pray for you and cherish you.

My A2W, you are like a tree planted by the rivers of water, that brings forth his fruit in his season; your leaf also will not dry but always be green; and whatsoever you do shall prosper. The Ponzi and Pyramid schemes are chaff which the wind blows away……….after 18months, they are gone.

Avenues to Wealth Directors, Management, Members all over, IT IS WELL…………………..

To your Success,

Matthew Abolurin

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