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Happy Green Monday. Sure your Monday is getting greener with the ongoing promo. Leverage on this promo to get your 5 serious people, become bronze, and move to leadership level by working for more people in your team.

Today, I want to continue with my promise to share with you within the next 50 Mondays of great achievers in our industry. Let’s internalize the lessons by acting on them and our result; performance will exceed our expectations in this business.

Name: Bob and Della Bourke
Background: Business owner
Year Started in Network Marketing Industry: February 1979

“I believe that millions of people are looking for network marketing; they just don’t know it yet.” Bob Bourke

-In 1994 my wife and I decided that Network Marketing wasn’t for us. Della and I had tried eight different network marketing companies over 15 years and, after losing a lot of money, we threw in the towel. We just thought, “Network Marketing is for other people.” Success in Network marketing is not about trying one thousand and one companies. It is about finding the right company with the right product. A2W IS THE RIGHT COMPANY WITH THE RIGHT PRODUCTS AND SERVICES. Stop wasting your life looking for the right company, stay with your A2W opportunity by working it. Some opportunities may come your way in the form of network marketing, but they are pyramid and Ponzi schemes, run for your life because they are out to defraud you. For a genuine opportunity, fill this form to know more:

-I eventually found the right opportunity with the help of a friend and I was so excited with the product line. The product lines in A2W are mind blowing, A2W Healthy Oven, Verizon Taps, A2W Travels, A2W Health, A2W Retail, A2W services, A2W Estates, A2W Supermarket (My Mart) and you have the benefit of belonging to a tremendous Multipurpose Cooperative Society and much more, explore them friends.

-My goal was to be just as successful as those people who I met in all those past network marketing meetings. For years I had heard testimony after testimony from successful networks who claimed that network marketing was working for them. In A2W, testimonies abound and I am a living testimony too. Attend sizzle sessions in your area, seminars and training workshop on A2W in your area and listen to the success stories of people in A2W and follow the same system and you will succeed. A better lifestyle is possible for you through A2W.

-After so many failures in this industry, I finally learned that to succeed in Network marketing I had to stop making excuses. It was when I finally decided to WORK THE BUSINESS and hit it hard that it finally popped. Is the power of excuses and complaints more powerful than the power of your DREAMS? If the power of your dream is powerful, fill this form:

-I also realized that my fear of rejection was instrumental in holding me back all those years. Accept rejection before it happens. This means you should prepare for objection in your A2W business. Objection simply means to me, tell me more about this opportunity. Do what you fear most and you will conquer fear.

-I am in an industry of relationship marketing. I have to say that my main priority is to help people. Fighting just doesn’t make sense to me. We are into relationship building business in A2W. Bless, inspire, and influence others for good in this business. When people notice your sincerity for them, they will accept the opportunity.

-My day consists basically of speaking to and training new distributors. I don’t really have a set schedule, meaning that I’m not in my office from Monday to Friday from 9 to 5pm. I just do whatever it takes and go wherever I need to go to help my distributors. Are you supporting new people in your team? Remember what the MD A2W Nigeria said; when you get a new person in your team, you have not got a new staff to work for you but a new boss you have to work for. The success of your people in A2W, is your success
-Keep your team members motivated with weekly meetings, seminars, workshops and constant recognition of successful team players
-Teach your new distributors how to earn their first income by sponsoring their five and also invest their first earnings back into the business.

-I spent over 30 years working my own business but I didn’t get very far. I had no savings and very little direction in my life. Network marketing has finally set me free. I have total time freedom and the money has been a wonderful bonus. Della and I both bought our parents new homes; we bought our daughter a new Mustang and new truck for her son; we acquired four acres of land on top of a mountain in North Carolina overlooking the Blue Ridge Mountains; and we’ve already picked out the log home that we want to build there.

Even though all those things are great, they’re just things that you do with money. What really matters to me is that I continue on my journey to help as many people as I can with my business opportunity. Network marketing is in tune with the time. More and more people are seeking out business opportunities that allow them to work at home. If you don’t tell them about Network Marketing, someone else will! I am willing to tell you, fill this form:

It can only get better!

Keep enjoying your week.

To your success

Platinum Leader in Avenues to Wealth (A2W)

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