Achieving Your Dreams 13


Happy New Year. Your Achieving Your Dream Series is back and better

Dreams are powerful and possible. Dreams are possibilities in quest for expression. The business of the 21st century is a powerful vehicle that you can leverage on to achieve your dreams. Remember your dream is not the one you have while sleeping but the one that keeps you awake. Dream not small dreams for the potential to achieve great things lives in you.

It is time to surpass your current performance with the mind to bless, influence, impact and inspire more people with your dreams

Name: Roland Fox

Background: Military

Year Started in Network Marketing Industry: 1971

“I have a book that I wrote and it has two pages. The first page says START and the second page says DON’T STOP.” Roland Fox


I was on active duty with the united States Air Force for 20 years when a gentleman in my town sent me a letter that said, “Would you be interested in a possible career-changing opportunity?” it was good timing for me, so I went and looked at it. Three people gave the meeting. They weren’t well-educated, but they were well-dressed, very enthusiastic, and had a positive mental attitude. They were the kind of people I wanted to be around, so I signed up and got started right away. When the Air Force didn’t promote me in December of 1972, I had no hesitancy in retiring. I knew I was going to make a fortune!

My initial motivation was to achieve the lifestyle I had as a Major and then the lifestyle I could have had if I had been promoted to Lieutenant Colonel. And even though I didn’t then have the money to live that kind of lifestyle, I wasn’t interested in just existing. I wanted to live the way I imagined I could. And I certainly live that way today. The business of the 21st century is about living and not mere exciting. This is the business:  

Before I joined my current company, I had already tried 25 different opportunities! In fact, when I went to the opportunity meeting with my friend, it was under protest! Our agreement was that if I went I wouldn’t have to hear about it from him again. So I went to the meeting and here I am! I don’t know how many you have tried, try TREVO and your story will change for the BEST.  

Network marketing always seemed like something I could do. Having been trained as an airborne instructor, I knew I could teach people. So, I felt very competent. But it was the product that really got me excited. They were exceptional. They were health products and they could do things I have never seen done before! I wouldn’t have joined if they had been mediocre. Teaching people the efficacy of the product and helping them to understanding the Business of the 21st century because it is the better way that is all you need to succeed.

The only clincher for me was belief. Once I fully believed in the concept of network marketing and the quality of my company and its products, I moved forward and worked really hard. When I achieved some success, I had a challenge believing other people would believe that they could do it too. Lack of belief is the only reason people don’t make it in network marketing. If they knew what I know and believed what I believe, they would do what I am doing! It’s as simple as that!

I love helping others realize their goals and dreams. And just knowing I play a direct part in helping them do that gives me a good feeling. After all, the only way you can become successful in network marketing is to help others succeed. Let’s face it, no corporate job gives you that opportunity. Network marketing has so many good things to offer, and that’s refreshing.

There are three top priorities that shape my life on a daily basis. First and most important to me is that everything I do has to be done with integrity. Second, I also value my spiritual life very highly. I follow the golden rule and do unto others what I would want done to me. I live that every day. Third, I love adventure! I love to do something different. If someone told me I could go to the moon, I would jump on the rocket tomorrow and take right off!

My day begins with a “long” commute of six feet from my bedroom to my office! I usually wake up to the phone with someone calling at 6 or 7 in the morning. I do a lot of coaching on the telephone, but we also use the internet with our business. Every day offers unique experiences because I’m dealing with different people and situations. Lunchtime is usually devoted to an exploratory or motivational appointment. Then, about 2 in the afternoon, I take a nap. After I get up, the rest of the afternoon is spent doing conference, training and company calls, which typically takes me up to about 10 at night.

I also speak at weekly meetings and conduct one or two weekend seminars a month somewhere in the United States or Canada. They usually last four to six hours.

Rejection doesn’t bother me because I haven’t been rejected yet! My ideas have been rejected, but I, as a person, have never been rejected. When someone says no to me, that’s okay. The people who fail in network marketing do so because of unrealistic expectations. They sometimes believe they don’t have to do much to become rich. If they work their job the same way they work network marketing, they would be fired! The second reason is they get some rejection and take personally and quit right there.

When approaching people with my company’s business opportunity, I ask them what they’re passionate about and then shut up. After they tell me those things I find what I call their “seed of discontent.” When I find it I say to them, “If I can show you a way to solve the problem you just told me about, would you be interested?” That’s what I call “The magic Question!”

Personal discipline is essential to your success in this industry. Do the things unsuccessful people aren’t doing. Make those calls and travel. The closer you are to the people in your team the more productive your organization will be. The bottom line is w-o-r-k.

I have a book that I wrote and it has two pages. The first page says START and second page says DON’T STOP. You can’t lose in network marketing unless you quit. I don’t care if you are good or bad at what you do, just as long as you keep doing it in the right company, sooner or later something is going to happen.

January of every year, is a special month. What new thing are you going to do for yourself this special year? This is the month to pay yourself and your future Dream. Don’t waste this month. Prepare, plan and act to experience significant progress. Join the opportunity that will make your 2014 and the rest of your life better. Join Network Marketing Company, join TREVO:

Your Best is here

To your success

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