Achieving Your Dreams 12

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Good day and Happy Green Monday. Your dream is not the one you had in your sleep, your DREAM is what keeps you awake always. There is always provision for your purpose. When you make up your mind to go for your DREAM, the capacity to make it happen, shows up.

Today, I want to continue with my promise to share with you within the next 50 Mondays of great achievers in our industry. Reading is good but doing is better. Do something with this great lessons. In time your rewards will exceed your effort

Name: Belva and Dick Flegle
Background: Education, Music, Secretarial
Year Started in Network Marketing Industry: 1995

“I was 70 years old when I started out in network marketing, and I’ve never been so excited over anything I have ever done before!” Belva Flegle

I have worked as an executive secretary, a promotional director at a Christian High School, and as a secretary for Billy Graham Association. Both my husband, Dick, and I have degrees in music. We even traveled for 11 years for our college. But nothing in my life has compared, emotionally and financially, to the success we have had in network marketing. To experience super success in Network Marketing, go here: Trevo is a lifestyle in a single bottle. Ask me how?

I never had any self-doubt. I’ve always felt I was helping others, which shifted my attention from doubt to making my business work. I love using and sharing the benefits of the opportunity, and when you love something you don’t doubt it. And even though I had to borrow money to get started, I paid it off in three weeks. Are you excited about your  business? You need to see yourself always as helping and solving people’s problems with your opportunity.

The most fulfilling part of network marketing for me is the many wonderful new friends I have made who have become a brand new family for us. I love people! It is most rewarding to see people’s lives change both physically and financially. Dick and I have great joy when we see our distributors succeeding! People are great asset to your success in any given opportunity, not the product. Love them genuinely. Enjoy true love here: Trevo is a lifestyle in a single bottle. Ask me how?

The number one key to success in network marketing is having compassion for people. Remember, the more you give, the more you receive. That’s a given! Give people time, love, attention, give your distributors your priority and your days will always be GREEN.

This woman started in network marketing at age 70. What excuse do you have? Your current age is the best age to achieve your DREAMS. Never, never, never give up when you are still alive. This is the BEST time to be alive and the BEST TIME to join a Network Marketing Company.

Keep sponsoring, teaching, sizzling, duplicating and helping people shift into high gear, and great will be your result and reward in time.

It can only get better!

To your success

Matthew Abolurin

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