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Good day and Happy Green Monday. Your dream is not the one you had in your sleep, your DREAM is what keeps you awake always. Your dream should always pursue you to action. That is the dream I am trying to support you to achieve with this my weekly write-ups.

Today, I want to continue with my promise to share with you within the next 50 Mondays of great achievers in our industry. It is not what you know that matters, but what you do with what you know. Do something with this great lessons. Knowing is good but doing is better. In time your rewards will exceed your effort

Name: Joe and Carol Felger
Background: Medical, Media
Year Started in Network Marketing Industry: 1992
“This business is all about human behavior. Our sponsor told us that if we could just understand that, we’d make it a lot easier on ourselves.” Joe and Carol Felger

What did you do before network marketing?
Carol: I was a dental hygienist for ten years.
Joe: I worked in TV and theaters as a video engineer for 26 years.

How did you get introduced to the industry of network marketing?
Joe: Carol and I were running a campaign for a friend of ours who was running for a state representative position. One of the young men who had come to work in the campaign was a distributor of the company we represent.

Were your family and friends supportive of your decision to start a network marketing business?
Joe: Some were, some weren’t. There was some negativity.
Carol: The negativity, we think came from their misunderstanding. But we really can’t throw stones because we didn’t understand network marketing either, before we were introduced to our company.

Did you ever have self-doubt?
Joe: No. Once we looked at the product and saw what it did, specifically for my mom and carol, we knew right away that we were sitting on a gold mine. Trevo (the product of the company), has done wonders in the lives of many and it is a gold mine. Get your here:Trevo is a lifestyle in a single bottle. Ask me how?

What was your driving motivation to succeed in your new network marketing business?
Joe: Carol and I wanted to be together.
Carol: We were two ships passing in the night. I was working days and Joe was working nights, holidays and weekends. We were just looking for freedom so that we could be together. Trevo Business has given many families the opportunity to be together.

What were your greatest obstacles?
Carol: The biggest learning curve we had to get through was understanding that timing is an issue in people’s lives. When they turn down the opportunity it’s because it’s not the right time for them. This business is all about human behavior. Our sponsor told us that if we could just understand that, we’d make it a lot easier on ourselves. Nobody is indispensable in Network Marketing business including Trevo.
What is the most fulfilling part of network marketing for you?
Joe: the relationships we’ve built with people, as well as the ability to make a difference in their lives. About two years into our business, two of our distributors were about to lose their home. They had spent their entire life savings on a home-based company they were trying to build, and it was failing. We started working with and teaching them what we learned from our sponsors. About a year and a half later, they won a company trip because of their progress. When I saw them and their two kids go on the trip, at that moment I realized that this is what Carol and I were destined to do.
Carol: When it’s all said and done, what you take to the grave are your friendships and the legacy you leave behind. Network marketing has allowed us the opportunity to make incredible friendships and we’re so thankful for that. Trevo, gives you the opportunity to meet people and add value to their lives. Meet new people here: Trevo is a lifestyle in a single bottle. Ask me how?

Describe a typical day?
Joe: This is a passion business. When we first got started we made a list of everyone we knew and set up times to meet with them so we could tell them about our business opportunity. Our sponsors came with us and talked to the people on our list. Through that Carol and l learned how to do our own presentations. For the first three years we worked our business aggressively. We still work consistently and, although we can retire financially, we’ve developed an income that allows us the freedom and lifestyle we never had in our jobs. We spend most of the morning making phone calls to our distributors and doing three-ways calls with them. Then we go work out and have lunch. We spend the rest of the afternoon doing some more three-way calls with our distributors and then we go have dinner. And in the later hours of the evening you’ll find us back on the phone doing three-ways again. Name list and sizzle has been since ages. No short cut to success in Trevo

Describe how you motivate your downline?
Carol: We don’t. We just find motivated people! That may sound cold, but we think that’s an easier approach than trying to create the sparks in people. There’s a saying: “When the horse is dead, get off!”
Joe: Our job is not to be motivators. It’s to lay out the hope. We look for people who want to change their lives, are teachable and willing to work, and have integrity.

How much time do you commit to your business per week?
Carol: We worked very diligently our first three to four years. But today we don’t work half as many hours. The beauty of network marketing is that your organization grows and grows when the products you represent are outstanding and the compensation plan rewards you for helping others succeed. And as your organization grows, so does your income! Trevo is a fantastic company with a unique product for everyone and the compensation plan is mind blowing. Enjoy the compensation here: Trevo is a lifestyle in a single bottle. Ask me how?

Do you use meetings and events to grow your business?
Carol: Yes, we built our entire business using those meetings. We have one meeting a week where distributors can bring their guests to hear about the opportunity and products. We also have a Saturday training meeting that distributors can attend to learn the nuts and bolts of the business. Our company has a tremendous support system and we take full advantage of it to help our distributors become successful. Attend Trevo weekly meetings in your city.

Why do you think people quit network marketing?
Joe: What’s nice about network marketing is that it costs so little to get involved. But the problem is that because the initial layout is so small, most people don’t value it. It’s easy for them to walk away when things aren’t moving fast enough for them because they don’t feel like they’re risking much.
Carol: People also quit because they just don’t understand the scope of this industry, and how it can grow beyond what you could ever expect. But there is a certain amount of vision and belief that a person needs to have before they can really see that. I know a man who started his business in Nigeria with less than N10 but today the business has grown to billions in naira. Don’t throw away your fortune in Trevo because the start-up capital is small. Get started here:Trevo is a lifestyle in a single bottle. Ask me how?

Be passionate about your industry, learn all you can and share it with people straight from your heart. Make a list of names of everybody you know and contact them all with the help of your upline.
Believe in yourself, be teachable and don’t let anybody steal your dream!

Keep sponsoring, teaching, sizzling, duplicating and helping people shift into high gear, and great will be your result and reward in time.

It can only get better!
To your success

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