A Nation at Risk!


Nigeria is a nation at risk. We are a nation without federation, no system, no institution, no leader, no law. The bane of corruption in Nigeria is traceable to our leaders. If the leader is corrupt, the subject will be encourage to do evil. This evil has led us to this level. We need to fix our nation urgently. I am afraid, if this pretence continues, then there will be more death through accident on our roads, air, sea, rail. The lawless will take the advantage to do more evil that will result in the loss of lives.

The leadership in Nigeria should take responsibility for the result of negligence. There are evil that would never happen if our leaders are not motivated by corruption. The killings through bomb blast, riot of students, ungodly decisions, political errors, bad roads, lack of electricity, food shortage, lack of proper educational system, politics of the pocket and not for the people, are all motivated by bad leadership. Insensitivity to the plight of the people, is corruption.  

We are suppose to be mourning bad leadership in this nation and not declare three days of mourning for those who lost their lives during the plane crash. It is time to mourn bad roads, electricity, water, schools, unemployment for our youth, child sex addiction, rape and women violation, poverty, lack of financial intelligence and integrity of our leaders, Hypocrisy, bad leadership to mention but a few. Our nation was to be declare a terrorist state last month, if not for the intervention of federal government yet they are not doing anything to stop violence in our land.

The things happening in our land might look like the signs of the last days, but it is also obvious that nations of the world that are not endow with human capital and natural resources like us, are far richer than us. Why? We are a nation without clarity of where we are going, therefore, we cannot get help from God. If we are not ready to set the sail, God will not send the wind in our favor. It takes leadership to set the sail and the people will follow a godly direction.

It is time to address the root of our problem. Solution is near if we dare. “Power does not corrupt, power brings out the corruption in you”. Position should not corruption anybody in authority. If you are corrupt in the position of authority, is because corruption was in you before you got there. Nehemiah was in the palace, but he was not corrupted by it. Nehemiah 1: 2, his concern was the welfare of his people. He would not even allow the people deliver their mission in the palace(like Aso Rock), he wanted to know how the people are doing? The moment he got the message that the people are not in good condition, he left all to meet the needs of his people. May God give us such leaders in Nigeria. Amen.

I call on the leadership of our dare nation to address the problem of our nation urgently. God will support you if you mean well.

Oh God of creation,

Direct our noble cause

Guide our leaders’ right

Help our youths the truth to know

In love and honesty to grow

And living in just and true

Great lofty heights attain

To build a nation where peace

And justice shall reign

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