A Blueprint For Achievement

Little things matter
This year 2015, you have to be committed to your commitment/assignment for God to be committed to you. There are no easy ways to success. The way to success is called commitment and consistency to a chosen course that you are convinced of. No farmer expects harvest without planting a seed or crop, water the seed, weed the grass and patiently wait for harvest time. Build capacity for what you want to reap this year and season of your life.

Some people learn driving, today they can drive very well even with one hand. Some people learn tailoring, now they are called tailors. Some learn engineering, today they are engineers. But how come many have learnt success or are still learning how to become successful in their chosen field or business from books, tapes, seminars, workshops, conferences but are still not successful? How come only few are successful? It is time to be among the few. The challenge is commitment to the blueprint of achievement.

Success is not in material things but in the person you become. Materials possession are just benefits of success. To be a success means, positive influence on people, your convictions and value system, your contributions to society, your impact on lives when they have encounter with you, your passion to see God’s kingdom on earth, daily fulfilling the purpose for which you came to this world that gives you happiness. It is a life of excellence. It is a life of dominion.

These are the blueprints. It is possible you know them before, this is the time to practice them.

Believe while others are doubting.

Plan while others are playing.

Study while others are sleeping.

Decide while others are delaying.

Prepare while others are procrastinating.

Work while others are wishing.

Save while others are spending.

Listen while others are talking.

Smile while others are pouting.

Commend while others are criticizing.

Persist while others are quitting.

Pray while others are worrying.

It is about time to celebrate you because you have chosen to be committed to experience real success in your life. We shall meet at the top of the latter as you daily climb by faith. Don’t give in to the flesh or discouragement, you are at the verge of your breakthrough.



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