Wealth Principles


1. The inner game is more important than the outer game. You MUST first win in your mind to win on the field

2. No easy route to prosperity. Wealth built on shifting ground rules does not last. Follow the process of creating real lasting wealth

3. The vision of a better life without the mission for a better life is a mere wishful statement. A Vision is a statement of future possibilities while a Mission is a statement of commitment to make the future possibilities a reality. Get committed to your vision to create wealth. Do you have a vision to add value to people?

4. Keeping money is as important as earning money. Savings and Investment are the secrets language of becoming wealthy. The Rich look for avenues to invest their money while the poor look for opportunities to spend their income

5. Who wants to be a millionaire? It is time to take back your power and accept that you create everything that is in your life and everything that is not in it. You can be a millionaire in the hard currencies of the world. Our belief activates our potentials, our potential activates our action and our action produces our results in life. It is essential you choose your thoughts and words wisely when it comes to creation of wealth.

6. Never choose to live a comfortable life, choose to be a blessing to the world. Chances are you will never be wealthy. Our rich mentality and goals helps us to end up tremendously rich and comfortable. I was once a victim of this mentality for many years, but I am free now. Today I see the world as my parish and I need all the legitimate money available to be a blessing to many lives. “Woe to them that are at ease in Zion”

7. Savings is not for emergency but for posterity. The rich increase their income before increasing their expenses. The jamborees of today are the poverty of tomorrow. Be wise!

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