There is an old saying, “The more you put in, the more you can take out”. It means that you must add value  first. You must contribute something of worth, something that makes a difference, something your customers, network of friends, your employer, your client, your community value! Value always comes first, the money comes second.

Creating value is about changing (transforming) the quality or nature of something. It is about making impact with what you have in people’s lives. It’s about turning a good idea into a useful, and creating value.

So, let’s focus on adding tons of value! Everyone has the opportunity to add significant value. By using your skills to create a product or provide a service that makes life easier, more comfortable or more profitable, you create value. Or, by investing in someone’s life,  you increase his/her ability to be better.

So, how will you do that? That is the only question.

Prior to the recession, there were  questions. Examples included: Will the union get me a pay rise? Will they add to my health benefits this year? Teachers asked when would there be increase, and public sector and multinational asked about the company’s retirement benefits. Those were valid questions only a few years ago. today, they no longer apply.

No matter what your skill, someone is working very hard to provide the benefits of what you do at a cheaper price.

There is no such thing as job security! Someone, somewhere is working very hard to eliminate your current job, or to reduce your income in your business with better customer service and value.

The key, the only key is: keep providing value to maintain and increase your lead.

To become wealthy, all you have to do is provide a benefit that lots of people value. How do you do that? Generally, by giving people something they want, or removing something they don’t want.

One of the most successful businesses no one ever heard of during the 90’s was “Cleaning Jobs”.  It’s dirty, disgusting stuff and no one wants to touch it! So, people value the service of having someone take it away. “Ola Kleen” in Nigeria step into it. It’s a great example of providing value by eliminating a problem. Today, they are multimillionaire providing services to Banks, Oil companies and even nations . Proctor & Gamble removes dirt from our clothes (Tide detergent) . The point? People will pay you to solve their problems!

Lawyers solve problems. Real Estate agents solve problems. Transporters solve problems. Network Marketers share God’s platform of re-distribution of nations’ wealth through network marketing distribution model/systems.

Or, provide a pleasure people value! Walt Disney, Bright Akpocha(Basket Mouth in Nigeria) made people laugh, and they laughed all the way to the bank! Internet save us time and postage, so we value it. McDonalds, Tasty Fried Chicken, Sweet Sensation and other fast food resturants do not serve great food, but they do serve convenience, reliable, predictable service, and speed. In our hurry-up culture, these are things that we value, and we have made the owners very, very rich. Your prosperity is in the problem you were born to solve.

The possibilities are endless, but you and I  must provide value, and must take action!

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