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Mel Fisher was a treasure hunter who believed a Spanish ship, the Atocha, had sunk somewhere off the coast of Florida. His only clue was a tiny bit of documentation that someone had stumbled across accidentally in a Spanish archive.

For sixteen years, Fisher searched for the ship, spending nearly $16million. He found only a few artifacts near the surface of the ocean floor. Many people spoke out against Fisher’s scant discoveries, saying that the artifacts were fake and that Fisher was just trying to recoup his losses. He got further and further into debt, but he refused to stop searching. There was tremendous pressure from his investors and public to give up the search. His crew went sixteen weeks without a paycheck, continuing only because of Fisher’s conviction.

During one expedition, Fisher’s son, daughter-in-law, and another diver drowned. Still, he refused to give up. His philosophy continued to be “Today Is The Day!”

Ten years to the day after his son’s death, Fisher found the Atocha. He was instantly wealthy and famous. The treasure has been estimated in hundreds of millions, but it’s priceless in terms of its historical and cultural value. It was the single largest treasure find ever.

It’s necessary to have big dreams and big goals to succeed, but a dreamer without ENDURANCE is destined to fail. Remember, “Dreamers are a dime a dozen, but marathoners are one in a million.” Mel Fisher was a marathoner who got up every day saying “Today Is The Day!” He simply refused to be discouraged, no matter how tough the odds.

It’s true. Desire is the thing that will give you the endurance to run your marathon.

I am searching for Diamond in a global opportunity (called Trevo The die has been cast. No retreat no surrender. I am searching for a kingdom who’s Builder and Maker is God. I will not give up on my dream to live eternally with my God. I am searching for wellness, financial prosperity and lasting legacy for generation yet unborn. I have found a global company called Trevo and the dream of creating a lasting legacy has begun. I have got the power to keep keeping on! There is a choice and a commitment to the choice is set. I am running with a System, a game plan, a plan of action.

It took Mel Fisher several years, yet he did not allow his vision to die. Remember, we live in information age, with the power of the internet. So there is speed in our generation. It is better now because we have a better way. Digging for diamond with hard work, smart work, strategies, professionalism, wisdom, time management and God’s favour.

Are you ready and hungry to dig for your own diamond in a global opportunity with me? Contact me now. The best time to have planted a tree, is 20years ago. The next best time to plant a tree is NOW.

“Today Is The Day!” Don’t give up on your worthwhile goals and aspirations. Endure the pain today for the joy of tomorrow. Better days are here for you. Don’t stop building a legitimate project or opportunity for deception and lies to abandon for another. Always remember why you started in the first place. It is not going to be an easy ride to the top. But the person you become in the process, will sustain you when you eventually become successful. You will succeed!

Expect Transformation

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