The Power of 4

In Avenues to Wealth, we present opportunities that will increase our reputation with friends and fellow human beings. We seek to give solution to people’s challenges. We give “HOPE” assuring people that life can be better for you and your loved ones. We create wealth in the process.

We have being for the past 3years and the Secret of our Success in this business is this: “ Think of adding value to people by meeting their needs not your own” Create the image of yourself as someone who cares about others happiness and success in life, and you will always do well.”

This year 2012, Avenues to Wealth will grow in leaps and bounds because we have got special offers, we have got the Power of 4 and we are going to care for more people in special ways.

Avenues to Wealth is one of the antidotes to the Fuel Subsidy removal in Nigeria. It is to all your financial struggles, family disarray. It is your Plan B. because it has the capacity to remove all your fears about tomorrow. In Avenues to Wealth, we believe profit is better than wages and your Network determines your Net-worth. Just for your information, we are here on a long term.

The Power of 4 is a concept that says; experience the unique product of Avenues to Wealth, and then share your experience with just four people who share their own experience with four persons each and that could lead to amazing financial freedom for you and your team members. To qualify to be among the four you MUST have:

People’s Skill- you care for people, sincere interest to help people succeed.

Business Skill- you can take business risk. You see possibility in every opportunity.

Strong Drive- you are committed to your desired financial future, and personally motivated to achieve set goals

Integrity- your yes is yes and your no is no. You do not have character issue and you can be trusted with money

Start-up capital- the start-up capital is $330 or ₤220

If you think you are qualified, sign up here:




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