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“Life is too short and too wonderful to waste time doing things you really don’t want to be doing.” Brue Isaacs

Nothing is impossible. People must realize that they are not in this world for census but for divine, definite, purposeful assignment. Last week Friday was workers day. I met with one of my friend and Christian Brother and we shared thoughts about The New Economy. My friend value freedom. He wants a lifestyle of freedom. He wants to be financially free. He wants time freedom to enjoy vacation with his family. But his 9-5 job has caged him for many years and prevented him from expressing himself to the world because he believes he is not here for census. Are you here for census? Network Marketing is the new economy that offers you a lifestyle of your value. If you value having time with your children, time for ministry, vacation, working on your own terms, helping people, residual income, running your own business, all these and much more are possible through network marketing.

WHY Network Marketing is for you

Success stories are many

If you have 2 to 10 hours a week, you can accrue income of several hundred to several thousand dollars a month

Very low cost to start

No Job security anywhere in the world. Machines are replacing jobs

Retirement income

To address your 9-5 job

Pays for performance, production and service not potential

Network marketing is a people business. The more people you can care for through leverage, the more happiness, healthy relationships and financial empire you can build for yourself. Nobody cares how much you know until they know how much you care. Through network marketing, you can genuinely care for people through the product of your company and build a lasting residual income for generations.

Your future is too precious, bright and wonderful to be left to chance. Permit yourself today to enjoy the process of learning and earning in the New Economy here:

This profession and business of the 21st century, can help you give priority to your values and enjoy a lifestyle of your choice not on the terms of a boss or superior. The New Economy is the home business of the 21st century.

Dream Achievers through The New Economy

Lydia Chan started in Network Marketing Industry in 1994. Lydia Chan said; “I try to recruit OPP…Open minded, People-minded, with a Positive attitude!” Lydia background was accounting and she could not speak little English. She said in 1994 when she read an issue of Forbes Magazine, one particular article caught her attention. It showed the top ten wealthiest people in the U.S., most of whom, ironically, were still in a lot of debt. She then noticed that some of the people on the list were in network marketing and had no debt. She did decided to become one of them and be at the top of the list. Lydia started her network marketing with a very old car, living with her asthmatic son in a one-room apartment and she could not afford lunch for him. She wanted a better life for her son. Thank God for a friend that introduced her to a network marketing company that specializes in nutritional supplements. Her son too it and he got well. She introduced the products to friends, not only helped improve their health, she also became financially free. Lydia educated the people she recruited about the product and network marketing concept. She had 100% confidence in her company’s product and marketing plan. She had a weekly meeting for her leaders.  Her counsel Look for open-minded people, people-minded with positive attitude. People that are available, teachable and faithful to the business and product. When you meet people ask them how much income they would like to earn every month. There is big difference between $300 and $10,000 a month! It takes more work to earn more.  Network marketing is really a course in psychology. You need to be sensitive to the needs of the people around you to make it in this business.

Cardinal truth about Network Marketing:

-Are YOU willing to start you network marketing business now and WORK it until successful?

-Are YOU willing to create a compelling vision for your success?

-Are YOU willing to learn different personality traits of people? Network marketing is a people business.

-Are YOU willing never ever quit until you are successful? Anybody can succeed in a people business.

What is your decision TODAY?

If you say yes to easiest way to a lifestyle of time and financial freedom.

If you say yes to helping massive people achieve and live in the thrill of success

If you say yes to be able to sleep till you are done.

If you say yes to have your own home based business

If you say yes to your divine assignment

If you say yes to what you value most today

If you say yes to opportunity to travel and see the beaches of the world.

Then you have to join the Network Marketing profession here: if you qualify yourself for help, I am willing to help you. Decide to become a Network Marketing Professional because it is a stone-cold fact that we have a better way.

My many years of research and from my favorite book the Bible, shows that man needs are focused on three major areas: Prosper and Be in Health as your Soul Prospers.




I have decided to be a blessing to you on these three major areas of human need. I want you to be happy, healthy and terrific every day of your life. It is possible!

Remember, you have the right to enjoy the lifestyle of your choice starting today. In The New Economy, life can be better if you are willing and committed to creating it.

I am available to answer your questions. I can be reached on +2348072690025, 8028273582

I will persist till I succeed!

Have a purposeful, passionate, peaceful and prosperous day and week.

To your Fulfillment, Financial Prosperity and Healthy Lifestyle

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