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“Always bear in mind that your own resolution to succeed is more important than any other.” Abraham Lincoln

The New Economy teaches people how not to allow people’s opinion about them to be their reality. Network Marketing allows you to dream bigger dreams. It strengthen you through personal resolution to succeed and supported by a duplicable system. Many people have been caged by others because they fail to pursue their dreams.

If you have an option to dig three mines, one a COAL Mine, second a GOLD Mine and third a DIAMOND Mine. Which one would you dig?

  • COAL every Thirty days. Job. This is called the journey of the broke.
  • GOLD every Six months – 1year. Tradition Business. This requires a lot of risk to break even.
  • DIAMOND you have to dig 3 straight years to get Diamond… Network Marketing. This is the easiest way to prosperity. This is a people’s business. If you have not read Acres of Diamonds by Russell Conwell, I strongly recommend you download a soft copy online now and read or get a hard copy. The opportunity to serve people genuinely exist in The New Economy.

You can start digging your Acres of Diamonds here:

Dream Achievers through The New Economy

Gloria and Bob Gilstad started in Network Marketing Industry in 1982 and background: Real Estate, Business Owner. Gloria Gilstad said; “The secret is not how fast you build, but just that you continue to build without quitting.”  Just after we married, when Bob was unemployed, he answered an ad from a network marketing company. At that time, we really needed the opportunity since we were heavily in debt and living on credit. At first we tried the products. Bob used to have migraines and allergies and the products solved those problems. We then researched the opportunity and discovered how our work today could be rewarded for years to come. If things don’t move as quickly as you expect, it’s easy to think of giving up. A long-term goal keeps you going. Ours was to be financially secure. And we have exceeded our goals! We have earned over $2 million, and purchased a second home on a lake a few years ago. I think we’ve proven that network marketing works!  Rejection is not personal and people aren’t rejecting you.  People have a right to make their own decisions. There are plenty of people who are looking for what you to offer; just concentrate on finding the people who want it and not on the people who don’t. Counsel: Thinking fast is an asset in network marketing.  Consistency is the secret to long-term success. Inactivity is the secret to failure. We all have rejection and discouragement, but don’t let that steal your vision away. Create a workable business plan for what to accomplish, lay your foundation now and put your effort in. You can then see rewards for years and years to come. Network marketing is a very real business that requires hard work and dedication. It’s an honest way to build long-term on-going income –by referring people to products you like. The only way to fail in network marketing is to quit. If you don’t quit, you will succeed. Now make it happen here:


Cardinal truth about Network Marketing:

-Network Marketing is not for lazy people. The resolution to succeed with it is all yours to make. You are the only one standing in the way of your success.

-You must be committed to a system that duplicate. People do what people see. If you master the system and follow it whole heartedly, your people will do the same and the moment your effort can be duplicated by people in your team, you are on your way to huge residual income.

What is your decision TODAY?

A strong sense of urgency should not make you to delay further. Your financial future, your children education, your dream and purpose in life needs urgency. The best you can do for yourself today is to decide to be educated on Network Marketing by enrolling today and earn as you learn.

Don’t be a pessimist but an opportunist:

Be willing to do whatever it takes to make a super success. You will be mentor and coached in your journey to freedom. We have a system that if followed you will be a seven figure earner in Network Marketing. Decide to become a Network Marketing Professional because it is a stone-cold fact that we have a better way.

My many years of research and from my favorite book the Bible, shows that man needs are focused on three major areas: “Beloved, I wish above all things that thou may Prosper and Be in Health as your Soul Prospers.” 3Johnv2. Life is all about:

God-Leaving a legacy. Fulfilling your divine calling. Your soul must prosper for God to approve of you.

Health/Wellness. You must be physically fit/well to achieve greatness. The soul is not holier than the body or mind. The three must work in collaboration.

Wealth/Money. It is the means to provide welfare for humanity

I have decided to be a lifestyle consultant on these three major areas of human need. I want you to be happy, healthy and terrific every day of your life. It is possible!

Remember, success must be your personal resolution. Your success in life starts and ends with you. Find out for yourself:

I am available to answer your questions. You could reach me on:

WhatsApp: +2348072690025, 8028273582

Skye: matt4wealth

Facebook: @matt4wealth

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LinkedIn: @matt4wealth

I will persist until I succeed!

Have a purposeful, passionate, peaceful and prosperous day and week.

To your Fulfillment, Financial Prosperity and Healthy Lifestyle




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