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“Management is about persuading people to do things they do not want to do, while leadership is about inspiring people to do things they never thought they could.” Steve Jobs

In the New Economy, it is all about and will always be about personal development and leadership. Network Marketing is about inspiring you to achieve your dreams that you thought impossible. You are possible through Network Marketing if you follow the inspirations from other people who are self-driven to make their dreams come true.

Everywhere that successful people go, they are networking and building relationships. They understand that everything they want will come through other people. When you build and network with other people in a positive way, chances are that you will encounter opportunities in life to achieve your dream. The New Economy is not about managing people to get result but about leadership through inspiration, cooperation as a team with same mutual benefits to accomplish great things together. Network marketing inspires for greatness.

The seed of Greatness is in you, realize it here:

Dream Achievers through The New Economy

Steve and Susan Francisco started in Network Marketing Industry in 1983 and background: Aerospace and Fashion Industries. Steve said; Vision is the art of seeing the invisible.”  Before network marketing, Susan was in the fashion industry and I was an executive within the aerospace industry. A friend introduced my wife and she had a good success and that got my attention and I joined. We saw a lot of people having success and we surrounded ourselves with people to help us. Network Marketing is about developing leaders. It’s about personal development and building a unified team with a common goal. I do a lot traveling nationally and internationally. And even though I live in California, 90 percent of my business comes from outside the state. The key to motivating our team members is constant communication. I call beginners every day for the first 30 to 90 days until they can do the business on their own.  In the beginning, you may need to believe in people more than they believe in themselves. When we talk to people about our business, we ask a lot of questions and look for people’s hot buttons. I spent a lot of time asking those questions about their wants, needs, and desires. At the end of the conversation, I am really looking for someone who wants to run up the hill with us instead of us dragging them up the hill! Counsel: There are three key phases to Network Marketing: Get people in, Keep people in and Move people along. Network Marketing is about people getting control of their lives, following their dreams and supporting others to do the same. But real success comes from building relationships. Nothing great will happen unless you make a decision that you are going to be successful no matter what. Learn the basics of the business and have a passion for it. Rid yourself of all trivial things, focus on the essentials, and work the business with integrity. When you help other people achieve their dreams, and goals, there is no way you can miss. Now make it happen here:

Cardinal truth about Network Marketing:

-Network Marketing is not for lazy people. There is work to be done. The beauty of it is that you do the work once for the next 2-5years or 10years and your income and legacy are generational. It is better to choose a 4years plan than a 40years plan

-YOU must be willing to ask yourself empowering questions. Tell yourself the truth. Face the reality of your current life to determine the future. How have you lived your life in the past 5years? How will your income be in the next 5years?

What is your decision TODAY?

If you do what is easy now, life will be hard for you later. If you do what is hard now, life will be easy for you. Pay now to play later. But if you play now, you still have to pay in a hard way later. The choice is yours.

Don’t be an onlooker be a player here: It is ignorant to be shameful of what is gainful. You will be mentor and coached in your journey to freedom. We have a system that if followed you will be a seven figure earner in Network Marketing. Decide to become a Network Marketing Professional because it is a stone-cold fact that we have a better way.

My many years of research and from my favorite book the Bible, shows that man needs are focused on three major areas: “Beloved, I wish above all things that thou may Prosper and Be in Health as your Soul Prospers.” 3Johnv2. Life is all about:

-God… Leaving a legacy. Fulfilling your divine calling



I have decided to be a lifestyle consultant on these three major areas of human need. I want you to be happy, healthy and terrific every day of your life. It is possible!

Remember, wealth is created through entrepreneurship and not through employment. Network marketing is one of the easiest way to prosperity. Find out for yourself:

I am available to answer your questions. You could reach me on:

WhatsApp: +2348072690025, 8028273582

Skye: matt4wealth

Facebook: @matt4wealth

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LinkedIn: @matt4wealth

I will persist until I succeed!

Have a purposeful, passionate, peaceful and prosperous day and week.

To your Fulfillment, Financial Prosperity and Healthy Lifestyle




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