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The journey of man is determined by His maker (God). Our journey in life is not static but full of movements. If your journey is static, there is a fundamental problem.

I have decided to move on base on God’s direction for my life at this time. Man must realize that in journeys, there are stops, check points, bends, traffic, fellow travelers, refueling, loading & off-loading and so on. The point is, the journey of life must continue.

I joined A2W, a Network Marketing Company 5years ago. I thank God for how He used that platform as a training ground for me. It was indeed a training ground for the future ahead of me. 1st Corin 2:9 says; “Eye has not seen, nor ear heard, nor have entered into the heart of man the things which God has prepared for those who love Him.”

The A2W management team both local and Int’l are greatly appreciated. All the wonderful people that came my way through that platform, are greatly appreciated. God used them to contribute greatly to my life. Thank you all. I also thank God for the opportunity He gave me to be a blessing to some of you.

No doubt, I am a better person today. You have to become more to have more. The Leadership academy, Financial Intelligence training can never be taken from me.

Leaving A2W is a Big risk for me. I was a platinum leader in A2W which is currently the highest level in Avenues to Wealth. Leaving that position to go and start from the beginning of another one, means it really took God to convince me to do that. This is God in action. God plan for your life will often come through unexpected events that force you in a direction you never would have gone.

The routes to God’s expected END for many of us, can never be in one place, one opportunity, one country etc. but God will always give you opportunities to become more through every route if you align your mind and heart with the values on that path. I am grateful for the opportunity God gave me to pass through A2W.

Leaving A2W is a promotion for me. When I was in A2W, I was empowering people with WEALTH and showing them all the avenues to wealth available. But, going forward in my new opportunity is WEALTH AND WELLNESS. What a promotion. Life is not about position but doing the will of God per time.

I joined TREVO on the 23rd October, 2013. This is the new opportunity and plan God want me to drive now. I believe whatever things I desire, pray about it, I will receive and have them. Whatsoever I lay my hands on will prosper.

I have officially made my decision known to the management of A2W.

It can only get better.

Thank you all and I wish you the BEST of God in all your life endeavors.

Matthew Abolurin

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