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Buckets or Pipes by Adeolu Akinyemi

This is a story I shared in a number of seminars during the weekend, and I think it’s only proper that I share it with you as well. I’m not certain exactly who owns the story, but I believe I have read it in one of Robert Kiyosaki’s books before. It’s an interesting story that

Avenues to Wealth Management Team Storms UK

  It is about to rain, the rain of financial freedom for the people in UK. This weekend, the International Directors of Avenues to Wealth will be engaging, educating and empowering people in this part of the world on sustainable wealth creation, financial intelligence, business alternatives, fractional property ownership in Pretoria, South Africa among others.

Back to School

ABUJA - BENUE - NASARAWA - NIGER STATES, DESIGN YOUR FINANCIAL FUTURE I have been receiving mails, sms, calls from my people in North Central to come and empower them financially. The quest for financial freedom and other legitimate streams of income is greatly increasing in the minds of people today. I also get calls

Moving from Left to Right!

If you are interested in financial freedom, one of the major moves you need to make is the movement from the left side of the cashflow quadrant to the right side of the cashflow quadrant. Our educational system has prepared us to operate as employees and at best self-employed or small business owners. The unfortunate

Don’t Miss This Saturday for Anything!

Saturday 2pm, 11th February, 2012. LTV Blue Roof, Agidingbi Ikeja. The Biggest Event in Lagos on that day will be happening. It’s courtesy of Avenues to Wealth Nigeria. It will be Featuring, our International Director, Christopher Thomson, our Chairman Professor Pat Utomi, the best of the best of A2W leaders and myself. This event is


  There are not too many millionaires in the world today. But there are opportunities to be a millionaire in dollars today. The part to becoming a millionaire must be design by the intending millionaires. A dollar does not drop from heaven as rain. You have to choose the process for achieving financial freedom. Don’t

Why I said NO to BonVoyage by Adeolu Akinyemi

  This is why I said NO to BonVoyage! I have actually tried my best not to comment about this for 1yr and a few months now. I have learnt by experience to mind my own business and not talk down another person’s business. I have learnt that mudslinging only dirties the participants. Many times

Fuel Subsidy Removal

    On the 1st of January, 2012, the Federal Government of Nigeria removed the subsidy on Petrol and this moved the pump price from N65 to N141. This led to workers strike and protest from Nigerians. Many human right organizations, civil societies, musicians, students, nollywood, engage the people to demand for the reversal of

Financial Freedom Budget Workshop

  Are you stretching to make ends meet? Would you find it hard to pay the bills if you lost your job? Are you behind in meeting up with your standard of living? Saving for retirement, college, your dream home and vacation looks impossible? If so, this workshop is for you. You’ll learn financial goal-setting,

Avenues to Wealth UK Explosion!!

  How are you today?  We are nearly there!! 3 days to the A2W United Kingdom Explosion!! We are about to put the United Kingdom on the A2W map!! Are you ready?? To all my regular readers in the UK, please make sure you are there with your guests, not just you alone. . .