Sustaining Growth!

Hello friends and ardent readers of my blog from time to time. I am sorry for my failure to write for a long period. This was not deliberate; I have been engaged in other things for some time now. I am back and I promise to be more frequent with more inspirational write ups going forward.

The average people out there want and crave for growth. It is only the insane person there that does not know the meaning of growth.

What is growth? Growth means progress, change, advancement, increase, and fulfillment of a godly purpose and pursuit. There are growths that are sustainable and some growths are not. You could be driving a legitimate opportunity with wrong methods, with lies and falsehood.

From the story of Rahab in the Bible in Joshua 2:1-7, she lied to achieve protection for herself and the men that came to spy the land. Good intention but bad action to achieve the intention. People say; the GOAL is good, therefore whatever process that leads to achieving the goals, does not matter. It does matter friend. They say the end justifies the means- not true.

Many people have used this passage to justified their lies and falsehood. Good intention without good action is wrong. Good opportunity without good process to the opportunity is not progress. Stop lying in marketing, in business, in prospecting. Say the truth and it will set you free spiritually and financially.

Don’t justify your growth on lies. Growth base on lies is not sustainable. Give up the past to gain the future.

In the Bible as well, 2Kings 5:25-27, Gehazi lied to his master Elisha by going after Naaman to collect the gifts the master rejected. He followed the part of falsehood in order to obtain wealth but he was disappointed. HE GAINED LITTLE AND LOST ALL FOREVER.

Progress and success through lies, is not sustainable. It is no wisdom but demonstration of faithlessness.

In conclusion, in Hebrews 11:31, Rahab surrendered her faithlessness, fear and demonstrated faith in the living God and eventually believed that faith will always prevail.

The growth that is sustainable is the growth that is built on faith and truth.

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