Seeing The Possibility

If someone were to give you ONE APPLE, what would you do with it?

You could eat it, make a snack out of it, give it to the hungry or to a friend who missed his lunch. But how much more potential does this one apple have if we looked beyond the obvious? Why most people see only one apply I invite you to see something else with me.

Every apple has ten seeds. Imagine if you planted just one of the seeds, you would begin growing an entire apple tree. If you planted all ten seeds, you would grow ten trees. Now you have an entire apple forest. Who knows how many new apples per tree you will grow and each one containing ten more seeds. Consider for a while just how many needs you could fill with your expanding forest.

There is a market for not only the fruit itself, but apple pie, apple butter, apple sauce, apple juice and the list goes on. Bees are one of the elements necessary for achieving a successful forest. They are vital to the fertilization of your trees, and with bees comes honey. How lucrative are the many uses of honey?

If we can envision the potential for just one apple, and we didn’t even scratch the surface, what more of the possibility for human life-YOUR LIFE!

Don’t give up on this ONLY ONE LIFE! After seeing more for yourself, take account of your strength and weaknesses. Outline what you have to work on and strengthen your weak areas by spending time and money on your personal growth and development. Be willing to engage in continuous learning. You must expand your current mental capacity to get beyond where you are. A vision is a mental picture of your desired future. It is a statement of future possibilities.


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