OBSTACLES by Adeolu Akinyemi


Once upon a time a long time ago, a King put a big rock on the main road to the village and watched what the citizens of the village or passersby will do. He stayed in the nearby bush to watch them.

A few village influential men, courtiers and privileged men got to the boulder on the road and simply moved on. A few critical people got there, lambasted the King and cursed the village for being so irresponsible. A peasant farmer however, carrying a load of vegetables got to the boulder and felt responsible, he felt, someone may fall over on this, and being in the middle of the road wasn’t right. He tugged, pulled and strained and moved the rock off the narrow road. He turned around to pick up his vegetable load and noticed a purse under where the boulder had been.

He picked up the purse, surprised at how heavy, he opened it. He found plenty of gold coins, and a little note from the King- ‘This treasure belongs to the one who removes the obstacle’.

1. Every problem or obstacle around our lives offers an opportunity to better and improve our lives.
2. Murmuring and walking round challenges win neither reward nor applause.
3. There is great gain, in taking responsibility for what ought to be everybody’s problem.
4. Criticism without action does not equal impact.
5. There are things others have passed over, that if you pay attention to can bring you great reward.
6. The fact that others have seen a problem and not solved it, doesn’t make it unsolvable.
7. Wealth is for the person who sees the problem of all as his or her own responsibility.

Let me bring it a little closer home to you. What problems have you complained about recently? What have you blamed your government or your pastor for lately? Then answer what problems have you solved in the last 24hrs? What of the last 7 days? What of the last 1 month or 1 year. Who are you solving problems for? You can see for yourself if you have been more of the kings nobles, the critical few or the peasant farmer deserving of a handsome reward.

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