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Margie Aliprandi …… International Speaker, Author and Trainer

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Over twenty years ago, Margie Aliprandi was a junior high teacher, a single mom with three little children and had no capital. She had dreams of saving her home and providing a better life for her children, but her salary just wouldn’t cut it. She was looking for something else when she found a product and company she fell in love with. She found herself excited and at a crossroads. Margie threw caution on the wind, canceled her teaching contracts and decided to tackle Network Marketing fulltime

Fast forward and you will find Margie as an energetic international speaker, author and trainer. Within one year of starting her business in Network Marketing she had a five figure monthly income, and after three years she was at millionaire status.

How did she do it? Perseverance. No matter what it took, she was willing to do it. Her “WHY” was her children’s welfare, and it was so powerful that she looked right past any obstacles and focused on their future.

Today, Margie has four grown children who have experienced the world together, and their idea of family has expanded to include people throughout the world. They have watched their mom mentor people internationally. She says, “My greatest role today is cheerleading people for their large and small successes and helping them feel ‘seen’ for where they are. My children’s lives are richer for the experiences and what they have witnessed in a mother who had so many doubts, yet consistently rose above them because, ultimately, that’s what I did. When I look at them now, I see the people who they have become in large part because I was an entrepreneurial parent. Perhaps I was a better mom because I was living my dream and in the process enabled them to expand theirs too.”

“For some, it happen right away, for most, it takes dedication. Keep sowing seeds. You cannot sow only two seeds and expect a big harvest. It’s the 80/20 rule so plant seeds every day if you want your business to explode.”

Margie Aliprandi, from humble beginnings, overcame all odds and is now a world renowned Network Marketing success.

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