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Sarah Robins …… Kindergarten Teacher Turned #1 Earner

Sarah Robins is a teacher by trade. While she loved teaching kindergarten and first grade, she was facing the loss of her job due to a struggling economy. Also affected by the local economy was her husband’s landscape construction business. They decided to pursue extra income, and the search led her to Network Marketing.

Sarah was skeptical at first; how could a formerly shy teacher, in her 20s, living in a depressed economy (in Michigan!) find success in Network Marketing? She later learned that’s the beauty of this business model. It takes ordinary people and helps them to achieve extraordinary results! At first, she started her Network Marketing business like most people; part-time, with no previous business experience. She simply began sharing the products and the story of their business, and people began to join her.

To Sarah’s surprise, she surpassed her teacher’s salary by the end of that school year, and was able to retire from teaching. Today, she now earn a six-figure monthly income in Network Marketing and has retired her husband from his construction business (35 years early!) to work their Network Marketing business together. She achieved all of this before her 30th birthday. They are now the top earners in their company, and enjoy traveling the world together.

“Where else could I, with my background, compress a traditional 30-50 year career into 3-5 years, and now be earning a seven-figure annual residual income through our primary company? This is the power of Network Marketing!”

Their lives have been transformed in so many ways. What’s even more amazing to them, is seeing the lives that have been transformed by their incredible opportunity. Their success is only possible due to the success of their amazing team, which demonstrates the beauty of the Network Marketing business model. They feel so blessed by the hard work, and the outstanding commitment of the leaders in their organization, and are forever grateful to them.

“In order to get what you don’t have, you have to be willing to do the things you’ve never done before. You won’t be alone in doing them. There’s a whole team of qualified people who are waiting to help you succeed in your company. Be coachable, stay committed, and, like me, your life can drastically change in a short period of time.”

Sarah Robbins traded in her teaching job for Network Marketing in her early 20s. She now earns six figures a month and is the #1 earner in her company, all by the age of 30

“One of my greatest joys is coaching people to live the life of their dreams.” Sarah Robbins

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