There is need for connection for true and full freedom as we celebrate this year Independent day in Nigeria. The question is, are we truly and fully free as a people? Is there hope for us as a people? Are we heading towards true transformation to enjoy the abundance that God provides? Can this Nation called Nigeria, experience true leadership? Can the resources of our land be truly enjoy by all or will it ever remain with the few who have chosen to steal and cheat us? Is there hope for our children, the  youth?

To get the right answers for these questions and your personal questions, don’t miss this event if you are in Ekiti State from 29th Sept,-1st Oct, 2012 in Ado-Ekiti.

People steal and cheat because they are POOR. Our leaders steal and cheat because of poverty mentality and not the mentality of the fact that there is abundance for everyone. Economics says there is scarcity everywhere, God says I want you to trust me for the abundance I have made ever before your creation. Whose voice are you going to obey? If you want to know the voice to answer to, then make yourself available for this event. Remember, THE ONLY THING IMPORTANT TO A POOR MAN, IS HIS MONEY. Whoever you are and you choose to be wealthy, live in abundance, have financial freedom and leave this world better than you met it and you live in Ekiti State, then you must not miss this event.

Poverty is the inability to provide for your needs as at when you need it. Our Leaders cannot provide the needs of Nigerians because they are Very Poor. A poor man loot from the treasury of the nation. To create abundance wealth and riches for yourself and loved ones, come and learn how to be FINANCIALLY FREE. You are not qualify to drive your dream in life if you are not free. You cannot leave this world better than you met it, if you don’t achieve your dream.




















































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